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120 Dezibel is a german and austrian Women's Rights-Movement that has started a Rightwing-#metoo-Style-Campaign with the Hashtag #120db.[1][2] "120 Dezibel" means "120 Decibels" and it "is the Noise-Level of a Pocket-Alert that Women can use if they are attacked", says YouTuber Johannes Thiesen, a.k.a. Philosophy Workout, in explaining the Etymology of the Movement's Name, which he says started in the first Week of February 2018.[3][4] 120 Dezibel's Website's Domain, 120db.info, was registered on 28 January 2018 under the Name "Martin Sellner".[5] Annika Franziska, who uses the Twitter-Handle @BeritFranziska, is a Cofounder.[6] Tommy Robinson has expressed his Support for 120 Dezibel.

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