Andrew Breitbart


Andrew James Breitbart (1 February 1969 – 1 March 2012)[1] was a conservative who founded[2] Andrew also helped start 'The Huffington Post' and he and his family continued to have a close relationship with Ariana Huffington and her family after he moved on to do other work.[3] In fact, after his death, Ariana tweeted: 'My thoughts and prayers go out to Andrew Breitbart's family and friends, especially his wife Susie and their 4 beautiful children.'[4]


Andrew died at the young age of 43 after a conversation with marketing executive Arthur Sando at the Brentwood Restaurant and Lounge in Los Angeles near his home during which he had a glass of wine.[3][5] There had been speculation about the cause of his death, given that earlier in life he had used cocaine and given his alleged use of 'high doses of Adderall and other stimulants to counteract his lifelong ADD'.[2] In fact, someone alleged that he had used cocaine with him the preceding October.[6] However, the autopsy report detected 'no prescription or illicit drugs' in his system, only an expected 'small amount of alcohol'.[7]

Early life and religion

Andrew was adopted and raised by a well-to-do Jewish couple along with his adoptive sister of Mexican descent in LA.[3][6] 'Breitbart News' editor Joel B. Pollak has described Andrew as 'a proud Jew'.[8]


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