Castilian is, according to the people of Spain, the correct name for the language that is commonly referred to as "Spanish" in English or "español" in Castilian in many places outside of Spain, such as parts of Latin America itself.[1] Even in parts of Latin America, though, such as Uruguay and Argentina, "Spanish" is referred to as "castellano" (English: "Castilian") rather than "español".[2] It is important to point this out because in Spain, the Basque, Catalonian and Galician languages, for example, are also used.[1] To speak of "Spanish" is the equivalent of someone saying they speak "British", it can be a little hard to know what that person is referring to. Castilian originated in the Castile region of Spain[2] and English originated in England,[3] a region in Britain, therefore it could be a little easier to understand what someone means if they speak of "Castilian", rather than "Spanish", and "English", rather than "British".


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