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Christopher Cantwell (1980),[1] known by Nonfans as the "Crying Nazi",[2] is Host of the Talk-Show "Radical Agenda",[3] which Chris himself describes as "a racist Podcast".[2] Chris's openly and proudly identifying as a Racist differentiates him from People like his fellow Alt Rightist Jared Taylor, who has said the Word "Racist" "always has a pejorative Connotation".[4] Chris has told Talk Show Host Jesse Lee Peterson that he believes in Racism; Jesse believes he is "headed down the wrong Path".[5] He went from being a Men's Rights Activist to an Alt Rightist with, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, "a libertarian spin".[6][1] He is an Anarchist, where Anarchy is essentially defined as Monarchism.[7]


"Vice News" Documentary

During the Time leading up to, of and after the Unite the Right Rally, at which Chris was scheduled to speak,[8] Chris was interviewed for a "Vice News" Documentary with Elle Reeve.[9] In that Documentary, Chris openly and proudly identified as a Racist, saying that he wants someone in Leadership who is "a lot more racist than Donald Trump".[10] When the Subject of the Death of Heather Heyer, who was killed when a fast-moving Vehicle driven by James Alex Fields Jr drove into a Crowd,[11][12] Chris said James was "more than justified"[13] in accelerating his Car, because he believed Footage appeared to show someone was striking[14][15] James's Car and he believed James was trying to get away from the Counterprotesters.[16]

Charges pressed against him after Unite-the-Right-Rally

After the Unite-the-Right-Rally, Chris got Word that there was a Warrant out for his Arrest and he says he called Police, who he says said that "they wouldn't confirm it", but that he could find out if it was true if he went to a local Magistrate. Because of alleged Safety Concerns, he decided to wait[17] and turned himself in on 23 August 2017.[18] Because he said all of this in a Video that ended up being widely seen on YouTube, some Nonfans of his, among them "The Young Turks" Talk Show, began calling him the "Crying Nazi".[2][19][20] According to "The Indianapolis Star", Chris "is being held [on] two counts of illegal use of tear gas, phosgene or other gases and one count of malicious bodily injury by means of a caustic substance or agent", three alleged Felonies.[20][18] Chris claims what he did was Pepper-spray one Individual, Kristopher Cheney Goad, but not the other two.[21][22] He was originally facing 20 Years,[23] but says it was upgraded to 60 Years.[24] He is being held without Bond at Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail with a tentative Trial Date of 12 October.[21]

Wishes he wouldn't have attended Unite-the-Right-Rally

According to, Chris has said:

If I had known what Charlottesville was, I wouldn’t have come here. And I gotta think there’s something wrong with a Person who fucking thinks this is a good Place to do what he [Unite-the-Right-Organiser Jason Kessler] did. This City [Charlottesville] is run by the goddamn Red Army...and the Idea that we’re going to fucking pull this off is crazy and he should have known that.[25]

May have changed his Mind about James Fields

According to, Chris may have changed his Mind about James after "he had a conversation with someone claiming to be an FBI agent, who told him Fields drove through two blocks of clear roads with no foot traffic, and that he could have turned his car away from the crime scene at any time instead of mowing down more than 20 people".[25]

Released from Jail

Chris was released from Jail on 7 December 2017 on a 25,000-Dollar-Bond with Orders to wear a Monitoring-Device and not to possess any Kind of Firearm. His next Court-Appearance was scheduled for 12 February 2018.[26]


Attorney files Motion to remove Commonwealth-Attorney for Albemarle County from his Case

On 12 February 2018, it was reported that Chris's Attorney had filed a Motion to remove the Commonwealth of Virginia's Attorney for Albemarle County from Chris's Case and that the Motion was denied. Additionally, it was reported that he would be back in Court later in the Month.[27]

Proposes Brad Griffin, a.k.a. Hunter Wallace, be the Leader of the Alt Right

Brad Griffin replied:

Asks Andrew Anglin to unblock him on Telegram



  • It became obvious to me that Weev's a bad Actor.[28]

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