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Erin Cruz is a Palm Springs, Californian[1] republican US-Senate-Candidate for the Seat held by Dianne Feinstein,[2] which will be contested in the US-Senate-Election in California 2018. Erin is pro Israel and claims to have jewish Ancestry on one Side of her Family, which she says "came to [the] USA escaping the Holocaust from Austria".[3] She is the Mother of two grown Children, Author of "Revolution America"[4] and, as of 29 June 2013, Widow of Rene Cruz, who was a Professor of electrical and Computer-Engineering at the University of California San Diego.[5] She presents herself as pro:

  • America first.
  • Citizens first.
  • free Speech.
  • Gun-Ownership-Rights.
  • Equality.
  • Life.
  • Donald Trump.
  • religious Freedom.
  • Border-Enforcement.
  • Military
  • Law-Enforcement.
  • first Responders.
  • Citizen-Involvement.
  • legal Immigration.
  • small Business.
  • Education-Choice.
  • small Size and Scope of Government.[6]

What she has said about what


Claims Facebook blocked her "for speaking out against Islam"


  • Erin Cruz (15 December 2017). "Revolution America: Communication Toolbox for the Modern Conservative American Woman". Motivational Press, Inc. ISBN 978-1628654875.

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