Gavin McInnes


Gavin McInnes is a self-described Alt Lightist who is a Contributor to and "Taki's Magazine"[1][2] and Author of the Book "Death of Cool".[3] Gavin is a Cofounder of "Vice" Magazine, which he left in 2008.[4] He is the Founder of the Men's Club the Proud Boys.[5]

What he has said about what

Black People

Gavin agrees[6] with Ann Coulter, who said, comparing Blacks on the Right with Blacks on the Left: "[O]ur [rightist] Blacks are so much better than their [leftist] Blacks."[7]

Jews says Gavin said these Things during a Trip to Israel in early 2017:

  • Jews are smarter than Christians — generally.
  • Here’s my Problem with Jews. This is my Problem with Jews. [looks around] I hope we don’t get kicked out [of this Hotel-like Room at a Kibbutz near the Golan Heights]. We’re probably being recorded ... Jews and Liberals, and american Jews and american Liberals, have this Paranoia of the blond Alpha-Male. Because of Naziism.
  • I’m mad at Jews for the same Reason I’m mad at Christians for, and it’s Ethno-Masochism.
  • I’ve actually become more antisemitic since I’ve come here [Israel].[8]

His Version of the Fourteen Words

Gavin has his own Version of the Fourteen Words: "We must secure the Existence of our People and a future for western Children."[9]

His Definition of Alt Light and Alt Right

In a Video he made for, Gavin defined the Alt Right as a Movement that is "too far",[10] that thinks "Jews have an undue Influence" and that thinks "Whites are what's important", "not necessarily western Values".[11] The Alt Light and Alt Right have something in common, he says: "Both sides have in common western Chauvinism, they're not embarrassed about Whiteness or whatever, they don't think Diversity is the be all and end all".[12]

Race and Racism

In Gavin's View, it's not racist to notice "a pattern with a race", but it is Racism to say: "This race is this way and there’s no exception."[13]

Richard Spencer

Although Gavin calls Richard Spencer "the head of the snake", he wrote in October 2016 that he knows Richard and that Richard got him a job at "Taki's Magazine".[14] Gavin says he likes Richard and likes debating and arguing with him and thinks "you should too if you have a problem".[15] He says that when Richard was starting the alternative right movement through his old website, he "bid him adieu and told him it [the alt-right] won't be going anywhere."[16]


On 9 June 2016, Gavin said he had gone to an AA meeting, because he'd been "having some drinking problems".[17]

Kisses Milo Yiannopoulos

On 15 June 2016, Milo Yiannopoulos and Gavin gave each other a mouth-to-mouth kiss to say "f*** you" to Islam during a press conference following the attack on a gay dance club in Orlando, Florida. Gavin, who had been making a brief statement, prefaced the moment by saying: "Yeah, homosexuality is a little weird, but we’re the most advanced. And as a straight man, standing here with a gay man, I would just like to say f*** you Islam."[18]


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