Gavin McInnes


Gavin McInnes in 2015
Gavin McInnes is a self-described alt lightist[1] who is the author of the book "Death of Cool".[2] Gavin is a cofounder of "Vice" Magazine, which he left in 2008,[3] the year he sold his shares.[4] He is the founder of the men's club the Proud Boys.[5] He left in August 2017.[6] He wrote his last column for "Taki's Magazine" on the 24th of August 2017.[7]


Black people

  • Our blacks are better than their blacks.[8]
    • Gavin paraphrasing Ann Coulter, who said, comparing blacks on the right with blacks on the left: "[O]ur [rightist] blacks are so much better than their [leftist] blacks."[9]


  • I hate the government. I want it reduced to almost nothing.[10]


[ says Gavin said these things during a trip to Israel in early 2017:]

  • Jews are smarter than Christians — generally.
  • Here’s my problem with Jews. This is my problem with Jews. [looks around] I hope we don’t get kicked out [of this hotel-like room at a kibbutz near the Golan Heights]. We’re probably being recorded ... Jews and liberals, and American Jews and American liberals, have this paranoia of the blond alpha male. Because of Nazism.
  • I’m mad at Jews for the same reason I’m mad at Christians for, and it’s ethno-masochism.
  • I’ve actually become more anti-Semitic since I’ve come here [Israel].[11]

His version of the Fourteen Words

  • We must secure the existence of our people and a future for Western children.[12]

His definition of "alt light" and "alt right"

  • They [alt rightists] think Jews have an undue influence. They also think that whites are what's important here, not necessarily Western values.[14]
  • Both sides have in common Western chauvinism, they're not embarrassed about whiteness or whatever, they don't think diversity is the be all and end all.[15]


  • The West was built by many races.[16]

Richard Spencer

  • I’ve known alt-right pioneer Richard Spencer since he got me the job at this magazine [] and even he, the head of the snake, comes across as perfectly reasonable in conversation. He doesn’t think nonwhites can be included in a harmonious America, but everything else on his plate is relatively civil.[17]
  • I like this guy. I like debating him, I like arguing with him. I think you should too if you have a problem, but he says there's no future in America for nonwhites. That doesn't fit in my head. I don't really understand that.[18]
  • I bid him adieu and told him it [] won't be going anywhere.[19]


Quotes about him

Richard Spencer



On 9 June 2016, Gavin said he had gone to an AA-Meeting, because he'd been "having some Drinking-Problems".[20]

Kisses Milo Yiannopoulos

On 15 June 2016, Milo Yiannopoulos and Gavin gave each other a mouth-to-mouth kiss to say "f*** you" to Islam during a press conference following the attack on a gay dance club in Orlando, Florida. Gavin, who had been making a brief statement, prefaced the moment by saying: "Yeah, homosexuality is a little weird, but we’re the most advanced. And as a straight man, standing here with a gay man, I would just like to say f*** you, Islam."[21]


Quits Proud Boys

On Advice of Counsel, on the 21st of November 2018, Gavin officially disassociated himself from the Proud Boys, stating that he wasn't "stepping down", because he had never been the Leader, "only the Founder".[22]

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