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The Hellenic Republic
Nearly four-fifths of the inhabitants of Cyprus are Hellenes.[1]
Hellenes (Έλληνες, transliterated "Éllines") are a people who are native to and form the majority within the Hellenic Republic (Ελληνική Δημοκρατία, transliterated "Ellinikí Dimokratía"), Ελλάδα (Elláda) in shortened form, and Cyprus (Κύπρος, transliterated "Kýpros"). The term "Hellenes" derives from the ancient Hellenic word for Ελλάδα, which is "Hellas" (Ἑλλάς), which derives from Hellen, the first son of Deucalion, who is said to have saved the human race from a great flood.[2] Hellen is regarded as the ancestor of all Hellenes.[3]

Actress Katerina Moutsatsous once posted a video on YouTube where she says she is not "Greek", she is Hellene.[4]


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