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Identity Evropa (IE) is an exclusive Fraternity founded by Nathan Damigo in March 2016.[1][2][3][4] IE claims to have around 1000 Members,[5] among whom it claims are Doctors, Lawyers, "People with high Status in Society" and College-Students.[6] The Name comes from the identitarian Movement in Europe, namely the french Movement Génération identitaire or Identitarian Generation in English.[4][7] On 27 August 2017, IE's CEOship was handed over to Elliot Kline.[1] In early December 2017, it was handed over to Patrick Casey, who was formerly known as Reinhard Wolff and doxed himself as Patrick Casey upon becoming CEO.[8][9] Under Nathan's CEOship, Membership in the Group was limited to Non-Jews of european Ancestry who abstained from dating interracially.[3] Patrick has said his Views are essentially the same as those held by Nathan and Elliot.[10] He has said: "We don't believe America needs to be, you know, 100.00 Percent white", but he:
  • thinks "that America isn't going to be America if there isn't a european-american Supermajority".
  • wants "to end Immigration for the Time being".
  • favors "high-skilled Immigrants from ... Europe, Canada, Australia and so forth".
  • wants "Programmes with Remigration, wherein People who feel more of a Connection to another Part of the World, another Race, another Culture, even another Religion -- in the Case of Islam -- can ... return to their native Homelands".[11]


Milkfest in New York

On 3 February 2017, at least 3 IE-Members,[12] two of whose Names appear to be Shawn Michael/Shawn McCaffrey and William Clark,[13] were present during a Milkfest in Front of the Livestream set up by Shia LaBeouf at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York City.[14][15] One Person in the Group said: "You need an ice cold Glass of pure Racism, get it down you". Another said: "Hey all you Nonwhites, I can do this and you can't", then drank some Milk.[15] The Anti-Defamation-League says that in February 2017 what it has characterised as a Hoax was going around that Milk was a Symbol of white Supremacy, one of a Series of Hoaxes which the ADL says are spread on 4chann, 8chann, Reddit and other Places. The ADL says that 4channers, 8channers, Redditors and Others "have tried to take innocuous items, symbols or gestures and falsely attribute white supremacist meanings to them in order to fool liberals and get them to spread such false messages".[16]



Patrick Casey (wearing the burgundy Sweatshirt) was at the Conservative Political Action Conference 2018 with other IE-Members. "We spent the day meeting people, handing out Identity Evropa business cards, and discussing Identitarianism with conservatives", wrote Patrick on[17]

IE-Member asks Ann Coulter a Question in New Orleans

On 5 April 2018, at the "Breitbart News"-Town-Hall-Event in New Orleans, an IE-Member[18] asked Ann Coulter: "Why do you think the Mainstream-Media has been silent on the Genocide of white Farmers in Southafrica and why does social Media centerpost about the Issue and how can we draw Attention to [unintelligible]". She responded that a Genocide was happening there and that the same Thing would be happening in the United States "in about two Generations" if Donald Trump didn't keep his Promises.[19]

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