Jean-Marie Le Pen


Jean-Marie Le Pen (20 June 1928 in Trinité-sur-Mer, France) is the founder of the French party the Front national (FN). The name "Pen" derives from the Breton word "penn",[1] which means "chief" and is a cognate of the Welsh word "pen".[2] He founded the Front national in 1972. His daughters are Marie-Caroline, Yann and Marine Le Pen, listed from oldest to youngest, and he has nine granddaughters, one of whom is Marion Maré­chal-Le Pen.[3][4][5] Jean-Marie is Roman Catholic.[6]

Loss of FN membership, recovery of Honorary President status

Because of views of his that were deemed unacceptable by the FN, Jean-Marie lost his party membership. He has called the Holocaust a detail of history.[7][8] Through a court victory on 17 November 2016, Jean-Marie won the right to remain the Honorary President of the FN, although he was not able to retain the right to be a card-carrying member.[9][10][11] This means that if the FN ever fails to invite him to a meeting, it will be fined 2,000 euros each time it does so.[10]

Support for Donald Trump

Jean-Marie endorsed a Donald Trump presidency tweeting: "If I were American I would vote for Donald Trump ... may God protect him!"[8][12]


Jean-Marie denies having had any homosexual experiences and has called homosexuality a "biological and social anomaly". A man named André Labarrère has claimed to have had a homosexual relationship with him in the 1970s. Jean-Marie has responded saying that André fantasised about him.[6]

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