Lutz Bachmann


Lutz Bachmann (1973 in Dresden)[4] is the founder of the German movement PEGIDA.[5] He has been a graphic designer for the advertising industry since 1994.[4] He fled to South Africa in 1998 to escape a 44-month sentence for 16 burglaries, where he lived under a false name, and was sent back to Germany after it was discovered he had an invalid visa.[2] He says he 'made some mistakes, learned a lot, and learned about people'.[3] His favorite movie is 'The Wave' ('Die Welle'), a story about a high school teacher named Ron Jones who did an experiment to show his students what he thought it was like in Germany during the NS era.[1][6]

Time in Spain

Since May 2016, Lutz had been living and working on Tenerife Island, Canary Islands, Spain with his wife Vicky, travelling once every two weeks to Germany for PEGIDA's Monday demonstrations.[7][8] They previously had lived in Kesselsdorf by Dresden, the capital of Saxony, Germany.[1][5] They fled to Tenerife because he feared for his safety and that of his family, seeing that they underwent 'four break-in attempts in two months' and his 'car was blown up'.[8] On 29 October 2016, he was declared persona non grata on the island of Tenerife, something that had been urged by the party Podemos.[9]

2016 US presidential election

On 5 April 2016, Lutz said Donald Trump is 'more good [than bad] because he hates [Angela] Merkel'.[3] This was before Donald's statement about Angela on 29 September 2016.[10] Lutz refers to Hillary Clinton by a nickname he has given her: 'Killary'. This suggests he thinks she could have done more to stop the deaths of Americans in Benghazi, Libya.[3]

Facebook posts

On 3 December 2012, Lutz posted a picture of a man wearing a white-hooded robe with a Ku Klux Klan emblem with the slogan 'Three Ks a day keeps the minorities away' in English on Facebook.[11] On 20 January 2015, Lutz posted a picture of himself with a toothbrush moustache and the words 'He's back!' ('Er ist wieder da!') on Facebook, according to 'The Independent', 'as a homage to comedian Christoph Maria Herbst'.[12][13]

On 19 September 2014, Lutz posted the following three comments during an apparent conversation with someone on Facebook:

na dann sollte er wissen was für viehzeug hier wirklich ankommt
und das es aus GUTEM GRUND bewacht werden muss!
ach und du glaubst der presse wenn sie um mitleid für das gelumpe heuchelt? solltest mal mit leuten reden die es jeden tag sehen weil sie auf dem sozialamt arbeiten wie sich dieses dreckspack benimmt, was es für forderungen stellt und was passiert wenn sie nicht alles bekommen! anstatt 2 sicherheitsleuten hat das sozialamt mittlerweile ?! um die mitarbeiter vor dem viehzeug zu schützen. UND NBN, ES GIBT KEINE ECHTEN KRIEGSFLÜCHTLINGE! Wer sich die Üverfahrt/Transport leisten kann nach Europa gehört NACHWEISLICH nicht zu den wirklich bedrohten! Wach doch bitte auf und hör auf die propaganda der gleichgerichteten medien zu berbreiten und es zu glauben! meine fresse

This translates to:

well then he should know what animals are really coming
and that this should be watched, and with GOOD REASON!
alas and you believe the press when it pretends to have compassion for this trash? should you sometime speak with people that see it every day because they work for the social assistance office how this pack of dirtbags behaves, what demands they make and what happens when they don't get everything! instead of 2 security people the social assistance office has ?! in order to protect the employees from the animals. AND NBN, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A TRUE WAR REFUGEE! Whoever has the money to transport themselves to Europe CLEARLY is not among the truly threatened! Wake up please and stop spreading the propaganda of the aligned media and stop believing it! no way[11]

Accusation of Volksverhetzung and trial

Because of the last of the three posts shown above that were posted on 19 September 2014, in which Lutz was describing refugees as 'trash', ('Gelumpe') 'a pack of dirtbags' ('Dreckspack') and 'animals' ('Viehzeug'), Lutz was charged with Volksverhetzung, which translates to 'incitement of the folk'.[14] On 3 May 2016 he was found guilty and was fined 9,600 euros, but the ruling was not at that time yet binding.[15] The defense argued that there was no proof whatsoever that Lutz was the author of these comments. The prosecution, knowing full well that nothing written on Facebook by itself constituted evidence, argued that he incriminated himself with statements he made in public after his Facebook page came under the spotlight. During the trial, Lutz and Vicky, and at least one of their supporters, wore rectangular sunglasses resembling the rectangles used to censor pictures.[16]


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