Marion Maré­chal-Le Pen


Marion Maré­chal-Le Pen (10 December 1989 in Île-de-France) is a former deputée, or Member of the Parliament of France, and Granddaughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen, being the Daughter of Yann Le Pen, the second oldest of Jean-Marie's three Daughters.[3][1] In 2012, Marion became the youngest MP in modern french History.[1][4] She married then 30 Year old[5] Matthieu Décosse, Head of Hospitality-Company[6] "Ça c’est Paris"[7] or "That is Paris" (, on 29 July 2014; she divorced him in 2016.[8] She has one Daughter, Olympe[9] (3 September 2014).[5]


Steve Bannon's Invitation to work together

Steve Bannon said in Mid-2016: "We think that France is the Place we need to be." He added: "With its young Entrepreneurs, the Women of the Le Pen-Family ... Marion Maré­chal-Le Pen is the new rising Star. We seek to open a 'Breitbart Paris', a 'Breitbart France'."[10]

Marion responded with this Tweet: "I say yes to the invitation of Steve Bannon, the director of Trump's campaign, to work together."[11]


Her Take on Emmanuel Macron

On 15 June 2017, Marion tweeted: "#Macron's Candidates are often People with no Experience."

Takes Break from Politics

Following Marine Le Pen's Election-Loss, Marion announced that she was temporarily quitting Politics and not participating parliamentary Elections in the June 2017, as "she wanted to spend more time with her three-year-old daughter and gain experience in the world of business". She added: "I am not giving up the political fight forever. I have the love of my country embedded in my heart and I cannot remain indifferent to the suffering of my compatriots."[12] In the French-Language-Tweet below, Marion writes: "Dear Vauclusiens, dear Militants and Friends, I share with you the Letter explaining the Reasons for my withdrawal from political Life."


Speaks at CPAC

Marion spoke at CPAC 2018 on the Morning of 22 February after US-Vice-President Mark Pence.[13][14] "Breitbart" claims that "Breitbart London"-Editor Raheem Kassam helped secure her Attendance.[15]

Nick Fuentes got his Picture taken with her.


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