My wiki:General disclaimer


Although this Wiki is completely opposed to the "Psych-Fields" and regards them as unscientific, you are always responsible for your own Actions, should you ever decide to stop taking Pills (or anything you may be taking), seeing "Psychs" or receive any Type of "Treatment" from "Psychs", if it is the Case that you do any of those Things.

On another Note, sometimes Information hasn't been updated, so if you are wondering if it is current, check the Date of the References. This Wiki cannot take Responsibility for Inaccuracies in the Press, however much it strives to weed out everything that seems not so credible. When any Source is being quoted, that is not meant as an Endorsement of that Source or as a Guarantee that what it says is accurate at all.

External Links are likewise not meant as Endorsements in any Way whatsoever, nor is there any Guarantee what will be on the other End of that Link. External Links are meant for the Purpose of studying the Subject being treated in each particular Article, but again, if you click on a Link to study something, this Wiki cannot accept Responsibility for what happens then.