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Nathan Benjamin Damigo is a social Science[1] Undergraduate-Student at California State University, Stanislaus who founded the exclusive Alt-Right-Fraternity Identity Evropa, which he led until the 27th of August 2017, at which Time the Reins of Leadership were handed over to Eli Mosley.[2][3][4][5] In Fall of 2016, Nathan was in his Junior Year.[6] Nathan is a self-described "Race Realist".[7] He got his Inspiration for Identity Evropa from the Identitarian Movement in Europe.[5] Nathan views the Hart-Celler Act as a Tragedy, because he feels it did much to change the Demographics of the united States.[8] He has fantasised about a Calexit,[9] after which he predicts the following will take Place:

The remaining Few of us who are white would white-flight ourselves out of here and join you Guys in the Rest of the Country, and we could do our own Thing and California could just pretty much devolve into Cannibalism.

Early Life

Nathan "grew up in the Silicon Valley and attended a private Baptist school that", he has said, "was racially diverse." Although he only had positive Experiences with Nonwhites, he became convinced there was a double Standard regarding who could say and do what. He longed for the "kind of shared culture" his Filipino Friends had.[9] He was a "skater boy". He has an older Brother named Josh Damigo.[4] Nathan has described his Upbringing as "fundamentalist Baptist".[10] He was "diagnosed with ADHD at age 8 and began taking Ritalin", which he continued taking until he started attending Highschool at Liberty Baptist School, where his Mother was a Teacher and Principal.[4]

Time in the Marines

Nathan joined the Marines in November 2004 at the age of 18, during his Senior Year in Highschool.[4][9] When he saw the Ethnic and Religious Conflict in Iraq he said: "This is dumb. Why don’t … each one of them have their own country and they can all express themselves and ... they’re not, you know, fighting with each other."[9] During his first Tour, he "was deployed to western Iraq for seven months from August 2005 to March 2006." During this Time, "two of his close friends were killed, one by an improvised explosive device attack and the other in a firefight."[4] After this first Tour, "he tried to commit suicide, but a friend intervened, according to San Diego County court records."[9] His second and last Tour was from early 2007 to October of that Year in Iraq.[4] He "saw a little Bit of Combat" during one or both of those Tours.[11]

Armed Robbery and Time in Goal and Prison

On 11 November 2007, after his second Tour of Duty in Iraq, Nathan, then a Corporal, "came across a La Mesa cab driver [Changiz Ezzatyar] who he thought was Iraqi, put a gun to his head and robbed the man of $43, records show. He was convicted of armed robbery and spent a year in county jail and four years in prison for the crime."[5][4] This also led to his getting dishonourably discharged from the Marines.[5] In 2011,[4] he read David Duke's "My Awakening", which convinced him there is a "full-scale culture war against European people" taking place. He was also influenced by J. Philippe Rushton and Nicholas Wade.[5][9] While Nathan was in Ironwood State Prison in Blythe, California, Charilyn Damigo, his mother, appeared in the HBO documentary "Wartorn" and spoke about her son.[5][12] Josh Damigo wrote to "El Tecolote" in an email that Nathan "became a member of the 'white gangs while in jail, as a survival tactic'". Josh also wrote: "I believe this was a huge disservice to him, since he needed help for PTSD, not jail time. [District Attorney] Bonnie Dumanis and the City of San Diego did him and all Marines a terrible disservice by convicting him." Nathan has said: "In California prison, every race goes with their own race. That’s simply how it is. So yeah, I was with the other whites."[4]

National Youth Front and Identity Evropa

Following his release from prison in 2014, Nathan co-founded the now-defunct National Youth Front with a fellow Marine combat veteran named Angelo John Gage.[13][4][5] It "was a youth wing of the American Freedom Party" that attempted to recruit members for the party in college.[5][14] National Youth Front was originally "more of a populist and civic nationalist organisation than anything, though it was very pro-European", Nathan says.[15] In October 2015, Angelo "received a letter from a law firm representing a client called 'YouthFront Inc.,' who said that they may be forced to sue if NYF did not change their name immediately". Shortly thereafter, NYP started using the name "The Dispossessed" on its Facebook page "until further notice".[16] In March 2016, Nathan founded Identity Evropa.[4] One "must be 18, of good moral character, not overweight, and have no facial or neck tattoos or piercings" to be a member of Identity Evropa.[5] Identity Evropa advocates for putting a stop on immigration for people of non-European ancestry.[4] Nathan thinks it would be ideal for people to have the option of living in areas designated as ethnostates within the United States.[17][4] Only non-Jews of European ancestry who abstain from dating interracially are allowed to be members of Identity Evropa.[4]

View on Socialism

According to Nathan, there is a broad range of views in the alt-right movement regarding economic ideologies. Eric Byler from the "The Young Turks" said to Nathan during an interview on 6 December 2016: "In homogeneous countries in Europe, like in Scandinavia, what happens is they start to legislate for programmes that benefit the country as a whole, instead of certain factions and so you end up with a government that is much closer to socialism." Nathan responded: "I don't think there's anything wrong with socialism."[18]


15 April 2017 Patriots Day rally in Berkeley and Emily Rose Marshall

On 15 April 2017, the alt-right clashed with "anti-fascists", who showed up to try to disrupt an alt-right rally in Berkeley, Patriots Day.[19] At one point during the clashes the anti-fascists fled, with the alt-rightists pursuing them.[20] Nathan, who was among them, was filmed punching an "anti-fascist" woman, Emily Rose Marshall,[21] who was holding a bottle, which she was getting ready to use.[22][23] Nathan punched her twice. She had her fist on his throat the moment he punched her the second time.[24][25] Right before the second punch, she came charging toward them, and that's when Nathan punched her again. Nathan says he didn't want her to blindside people he was with and he saw it was the same person who was swinging the bottle one moment before.[26] Nathan stopped as soon as she hit the ground and she got up immediately with no visible signs of any serious injuries.[24] There is footage of her boyfriend picking up what looks like a bottle and clutching it.[27] There is also a picture which shows her clutching the bottle she was holding before Nathan punched her.[28] This is what says about the picture: "The photograph of Rosealma [Emily uses the alias Louise Rosealma][21] holding a glass bottle was taken by Stephen Lam of Reuters and has not been altered".[22] She has lied about the picture, claiming it was doctored:

I was not holding a bottle in the video, especially after the smoke bomb went off. I held one when I helped clear the trash burning, but left it on the street. Please watch the video, there is no bottle, and if you notice my "arm" that is holding the bottle, has no shadowing like the rest of my arm, and the "hand" that is holding it is not really a whole looking hand, as well as the coloring, the shadowing, and the highlights on the bottle are the exact same in the other picture I sent you, which is indeed doctored, and so is that screenshot.[22] (See video below to see her swinging the bottle.)

During an interview with CBS San Francisco on 17 April, she claimed they were trying to hurt her "as much as they could", an obvious lie which the CBS reporter did not challenge.[29] "The Young Turks" covered the event talking about Nathan's past felony, something that has no bearing whatsoever on what happened that day.[30] On 19 April 2017, Nathan called on the people to sign the petition "We the People ask the Federal Government to Declare ANTIFA a Domestic Terrorist Organization" at[31]

Chris Evans's tweet

On 15 April 2017, actor Chris Evans tweeted: "I hope I run into Nathan." He had evidently seen a two-second clip of the video showing Nathan when he punched Emily the second time, but didn't show anything that had happened one moment before.[32]

25 June 2017 free speech rally in DC

Nathan attended the alt right's Freedom of Speech Rally at the Lincoln Memorial in DC on 25 June 2017 at noon.[33][34] Nathan was the fifth to speak. One of the things Nathan said was: "America was founded by white people, it was founded for white people. America was not founded to be a multiracial, multicultural society."[35] He ended saying: "Free speech is a tool for us ... if they come to throw glass bottles at people and to throw rocks at people, then throw a fist back in their face." At this point the crowd starting screaming: "Moldilocks, Moldilocks, Moldilocks!"[36]

Found guilty of Misdemeanor, fined $200

On 13 October 2017, Nathan was found guilty of a Misdemeanor for "failing to disperse after an unlawful assembly was declared by police" at the Unite the Right Rally.[37]

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