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Dr Nina Spencer,[1] (19 October,[2] Soviet Union[3]), also known as Nina Kouprianova,[4] is a Russian-Canadian[5] independent analyst of geopolitics and culture,[6] translator and graphic-designer.[4] Nina has used the pen name Nina Byzantina. Nina "grew up a subway ride away from the Kremlin".[7] She earned her PhD in history at the University of Toronto.[8] She has translated some of Alexander Dugin's writings (although she's not sure if her translations were used)[9] and appeared on Russia Today.[1] In 2009, Nina was a contributor to "Taki's Magazine".[7] An article in "The Washington Post" posted on the 22nd November 2016 says Nina was separated from Richard Spencer, whose daughter she bore,[10] but Richard said on the 28th of March 2017 that he is married.[11] Nina also stated on 17 June 2017 that she is Richard's wife.[12] On 24 June 2017, she tweeted: "Richard and I indeed were separated for a time last fall, but we are married and back together again."[13] Nina has written articles that are supportive of Vladimir Putin.[14] Her parents were Russian émigrés and she is one quarter Georgian.[1][4] There has been online speculation about whether Nina is Tatar or not; Richard has said she is not Tatar.[1] She adheres to a lot of what are perceived as rightist ideas, while at the same time valuing "a lot of positive things that are part of Soviet history" as a Soviet-born Person.[3] Her favorite places to take pictures are Russia, Europe and Japan.[4]


Patriots Day Rally

[Nina tweeted the tweet below after the Patriots Day Rally in Berkeley, California on 15 April 2017. The man in the blue shirt on the right is Nathan Damigo.]

Khabib Nurmagomedov

[Following UFC 229, Nina tweeted:]

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