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Richard Bertrand Spencer[14] (11th of May[15] 1978 in Boston,[16] Massachusetts) is the coiner of the term "alternative right" or "alt right"[17][18] and a pan-European[19][20] identitarian.[21] The president of the Southern Poverty Law Center, Richard Cohen, has called Richard Spencer "the head of the alt right, the godfather of the alt right".[22] Hunter Wallace has called Richard "the William F. Buckley" and "acknowledged leader" of the alternative right.[23][24] Richard is not a fan of GOP operatives or of the conservative movement, but he loves Republican voters, the people who voted for Donald Trump.[25] He has called Donald "the first step towards white identity politics in the United States".[26] Richard feels that in this present age whites are being discriminated against.[27] Lauren Southern has said that Richard "is not a white supremacist, he's a white nationalist".[28] David Harsanyi once opined in a tweet that "The only reason journalists are obsessed with covering Richard Spencer is to smear conservatives."[29] [30] Milo Yiannopoulos once said: "[Jesse Jackson] doesn't like the Jews very much, he's a bit like Richard Spencer with a tan."[31][32] Since 2011, Richard has presided over the National Policy Institute.[33]


Birth to 2012 inclusive


Richard was born in Boston to a wealthy family and raised in a wealthy part of Dallas,[34] the same neighborhood George W. Bush lived in[35] from 1988 to 1995, Preston Hollow.[36] (In 2008, George purchased an 8,501-square-foot House in Preston Hollow.)[36] The Spencers moved to the neighborhood when Richard was 2.[37] Richard's father, William Bertrand "Rand" Spencer,[9] is an ophthalmologist, his mother, Sherry Jean Spencer (born Dickenhorst),[9][8] an artist.[16][34] Rand and Sherry are Episcopalian and Republican.[38] Richard has one sister.[35][5] According to "Mother Jones", Richard "was friends with the only African American student in his [high school] class, John Lewis, and once invited him for a sleepover."[35] According to "The Washington Post", in November 2016, Richard's relationship with his father was strained.[34] Richard attended the elite, conservative, boys-only St. Mark's School of Texas, where he played varsity football and baseball.[34][35] Graeme Wood, an eighth-grade-chemistry lab partner of his who identifies as half Chinese,[39] half white,[40] has said: "Spencer passed his classes but didn’t excel. He played baseball and football, but you wouldn’t have gone to games to see him play."[41] Graeme says Richard cribbed his chemistry notes.[42] After Richard graduated high school in 1997,[35] he went on to college, receiving an undergraduate degree in English literature and music from the University of Virginia and a master's degree in humanities from the University of Chicago.[16] According to "The Washington Post", "the 2006 Duke lacrosse case, in which white members of the team were falsely accused of raping a black woman, made an impression [on him], as did the writings of Jared Taylor".[34] He first encountered Jared in 2003 or 2004.[43] The writings of the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche have also made a lasting impression on him.[35] He was in a Duke Ph.D. programme in European intellectual history from 2005 to 2007, at which time he was offered a job at "The American Conservative" and dropped out.[34][35]

2007 to 2012 inclusive

Richard was later fired from "The American Conservative"[35] and became a Contributor to "Taki's Magazine" from December 2007 to January 2010.[44] Taki Theodoracopulos says that when he offered him the job of running in 2007, he asked him where the bathroom was and returned looking pale. After he left, Taki says, a maid told him he had thrown up all over the carpet and left the mess for someone else to clean up. When he let him go, circulation was 25,000. Taki writes: "We parted amicably and he took days to teach my daughter Lolly, who replaced him, all the tricks of the trade." By 2016, "Taki's Magazine" readership had reached 2.5 million.[45] In 2010, Richard founded the website, while living in Toronto.[46] According to "Breitbart", became "a center of alt-right thought";[47] it was later moved to[38] The first issue of "Radix Journal", "The Great Erasure: The Reconstruction of White Identity", published on 1 September 2012, was dedicated to the new right politician Jonathan Bowden, the former Cultural Officer of the British National Party.[48][49][50][51]


According to Richard's 23andMe-Test, he is 99.5% european, 0.1% eastasian and indigenous american, less than 0.1% sub-saharan african and 0.2% mideastern and northafrican.[52][53]

Personal Life

Richard Spencer has two[2] Children together with Nina Koupriianova,[54][55] who is russian and one-Quarter georgian. Richard has called Russia "the most powerful white power in the world".[56][35] There has been speculation that Nina has Ancestors from the predominantly muslim tatar ethnic Group.[57] Richard has said she is not tatar.[35] "The Washington Post" said on the 22nd November 2016 that they were separated,[34] but Richard said on 30 March 2017 that he had a Wife.[58] On 24 June 2017, Nina tweeted: "Richard and I indeed were separated for a time last fall, but we are married and back together again."[59]

In a Comment in an Instagram-Post posted on the 6th of September 2017, wherein she said she had "A good kind of 'fat'", Nina confirmed to another Instagram-User, who asked her: "Another one? Congrats if so!", that she was pregnant, saying: "Yes. :)".[60] In an Instagram-Post posted on the 5th of July 2018, Nina said: "My mother’s visit for almost three weeks was not only very beneficial for my little monkeys, but freed up a lot of my time".[61] During a Livestream on the 11th of December 2018, Richard said he did not circumcise his infant Son.[4]

In 2007, Richard dated an asian-american Woman who was working for Ron Paul's presidential Campaign. She claims she is "not the only Asian girl he has dated", which Richard has confirmed. This was before Richard's Views changed; he now opposes interracial Relationships.[35]

On the 24th of October 2018, Richard posted a Statement on Tumblr announcing that his Marriage with Nina had come to an End, something that had been reported by Buzzfeed on the 23rd. He alleged that Nina, who, as reported in Buzzfeed's Article, had alleged he was "physically, emotionally, verbally and financially abusive", had distorted or inflated Facts and had secretly recorded him.[62][63]

During a Livestream with Luke Ford on the 20th of November 2018, Megan Bobonick, a self-described Liberal,[64] said that in November 2017, Richard started referring to her as his Girlfriend.[65] Megan disappeared from the Livestream at the 31:12-Mark.[66] She joined Luke again at around the 33:00-Mark,[67] said a few Words, then disappeared again. Luke also noticed that her Twitter, @Bigbadwolfhuff,[64] had just been deleted.[68][69] By the 6th of December, however, @Bigbadwolfhuff was tweeting again.[70]

Alcohol or Smoking

During a National Policy Institute Meeting known as Hailgate, on 21 November 2016, Richard raised a Glass of Whiskey and said: "Hail Trump! Hail our people! Hail victory!"[71] He then said to the people attending the Meeting that there was "only one more Thing to do" and that was for them to "just all go get drunk."[72] Richard smokes both Cigarettes[73] and Cigars.[74]


In 2016, Richard could benchpress almost 250 pounds and deadlift over 400 pounds. He likes bountain biking and skiing.[75]


Brian Cristopher Brathovd is the Head of Richard's Security-Team. Unicorn Riot states that "Since he was punched in the face on January 20 outside President Trump’s inauguration, white supremacist Richard Spencer has rarely been seen in public without a team of bodyguards".[76][77][78] Greg Conte, who is Brian's Business-Partner, protected Richard as he was leaving Emancipation-Park during Unite the Right on 12 August 2017.[79]

Rumours about his Sexuality and his Reactions

According to Journalist Graeme Wood, there is a Rumour "widely widespread" among former Classmates of Richard's "that he is gay", but he denies it and calls it a "stupid Rumour". Graeme writes: "That Spencer may have experimented with his identity as a young man is hardly surprising or incriminating—he was, after all, still in his teens, and entitled to try on personae".[41] Kurt Eichenwald, who, like Richard, attended St. Mark's School of Texas, heard the Rumour and asked him on Twitter on 19 March 2017 if it was true,[80] then tweeted three Minutes later that if it was true "there is literally nothing wrong with it".[81] Richard tweeted: "Not that I care but how can we trust your memory of conversations?".[82] (Also, see the Section on Lucian Wintrich's "I'm v curious"-Tweet.)

Has he called for a "peaceful ethnic Cleansing"?

The Southern Poverty Law Center alleges Richard has called for "peaceful ethnic cleansing".[14] When he spoke at Auburn University on 18 April 2017, during the Question-and-Answer-Session, someone told him he had called for a "peaceful ethnic Cleansing". He responded saying he had never called for "a peaceful ethnic Cleansing". He said that in a Speech, he had described the Paris Peace Conference of 1919 as an example of "peaceful ethnic Cleansing".[83]

Why won't he condemn Adolf Hitler?

Richard refuses[84] to condemn Adolf Hitler because he doesn't want to play "this Game of condemning past Figures".[85] At the same Time, he does not advocate for what Adolf did, because he sees that as a "Nonstarter".[86]

Past Libertarianism and Support for Ron Paul

Richard says he used to be "a Kind of Libertarian, of Sorts".[87] On 11 October 2007, Richard introduced Ron Paul to a Robert Taft Club Meeting at the Boulevard Woodgrill in Arlington, Virginia, on 11 October 2007.[88][89][90] On 17 May 2017, he tweeted: "On this day in history: In 2008, I introduced Ron Paul at a packed event in Arlington, Virginia."[91]

Pronounces certain Ts like the Ds in "Aladdin"

According to Graeme Wood, Richard prounounces the T in "Latin" "as if the middle consonant were a d, as in the name Aladdin".[41] It is true that at Times he does,[92][93] but he has also been known to pronounce it like the Ts in "Latte".[94] He has been known to pronounce the Ts in "Manhattan",[95] "forgotten" and "Britain" like the Ds in "Aladdin".[96][97]

His Mother's Building in Whitefish, Montana

As verified by "Daily Inter Lake",[98] on 15 December 2016,[99] Richard's Mother, Sherry Spencer, posted an Article on titled "Does Love Really Live Here?" In it, Sherry says that she is the sole Owner of "a beautiful mixed-use facility" at 22 Lupfer Ave., Whitefish, Montana, the Town where both she and Richard reside.[100][101] She says the Building opened in 2015 and has "been enjoyed by people from around the world". Sherry says that a Tanya Gersh who has "links to 'human rights' organizations Love Lives Here and the Montana Human Rights Network", had been saying they would bring 200 Protesters and national Media to her Building if she didn't sell it and give a Donation to the Montana Human Rights Network.[100] The "Daily Mail" confirmed that it was indeed true that Tanya has called on Sherry to sell her Building "and then use the money to help human rights causes".[9] "Daily Inter Lake" confirmed that "a Whitefish real-estate agent [Tanya], who happens to be a member of the Jewish community, talked to Sherry Spencer about selling the business and donating a portion of the profit to the Montana Human Rights Network".[98] Furthermore, Sherry says that Tanya has asked her to "make a public denunciation of" her Son.[100] Tanya says Sherry is "profiting off of the people of the local community",[9] whereas Sherry says she employs "a number of local maids and other maintenance personnel who would lose their jobs" if she were to sell.[100] Montana Rabbis Francine Roston and Allen Secher are both involved in the Group Love Lives Here.[102] In 2014, Love Lives Here unsuccessfully tried to get the City of Whitefish to bar Richard from being able to conduct National Policy Institute Business in Town.[102][35]


Abortion and Contraception

[After Tomi Lahren was attacked for voicing Pro-Choice-Opinions on "The View", Richard made a videotaped Statement in Support of her and her Position. He used the Opportunity to criticise what he calls Human-Rights-"Crusades" and the Belief in a Right to Life, suggesting that to the Identitarian's Mind, there is a Difference between one Type of human Life and another:]
  • And so the Anti-Abortion-Crusade becomes this Human-Rights-Crusade. And if you look at the Writing of People like Ramesh Ponnuru [of National Review], it is directly associated with this. Just like the Iraq-War was a Human-Rights-War for People like Ramesh Ponnurru ... Abortion is a Human-Rights-Crusade. That every Being that is human has a Right to Life and so on. Well that’s not how we think as Identitarians, to be honest. You are Part of a Community, you’re Part of a Family, you’re Part of a Collective. You do not have some human Right, some abstract Thing given to you by God or by the World or something like that.[103]
[A little later in the Video, he expressed dismay over the Idea that Contraception has been, in his View, "terribly dysgenic", in that smart People, according to him, use it often. He asserted that smart People are aborting Babies with Down-Syndrome and expressed dismay over the Fact that Blacks and Hispanics are using Abortion as Birth-Control:]
  • In a Way, Contraception has been terribly dysgenic in the Sense that it is only the smart People that really use it. Smart People are not using Abortion as Birth-Control. Smart People are using Abortion when you have a Situation like Down-Syndrome or you have a Situation where the Health of the Mother is at Risk. I would say that it is the Unintelligent and Blacks and Hispanics who use Abortion as Birth-Control, as a Kind of Late-Term-Birth-Control."[104][105]
[During a YouTube-Livestream on Tara McCarthy and Mark Collett's Show "This Week on the Alt Right", Richard was asked about this Tweet of his, in which he criticised Ohio's Down-Syndrome-Non-Discrimination-Act, which had been passed[106] by the Ohio-State-Legislature on 13 December 2017 and was expected to be signed into Law (and was on 22 December)[107] by Governor John Kasisch:]
  • [On the Show, Richard said:] So this is ... kind of where the religious Right is. You can only abort a Child that is healthy and intelligent, um, but you cannot abort, uh, unhealthy or stupid Children.[108] The Law makes it a Fourth-Degree-Felony for any Doctor who knows a Fetus has Down-Syndrome to abort it, even in Cases where the Abortion would otherwise have been legal.[109]
  • [Y]ou know, even for someone like myself, who is, You could say ambivalent about the Abortion-Issue, but ultimately does not want to make Abortion illegal -- i obviously think it should be restricted and regulated -- but even for People like me, his [Ralph Northam's] Comments were rather disturbing.[110]

Adolf Hitler

  • He said this at a Table-Talk: "Some People think, oh, I think: 'The Jews are an inferior People'". He said something like: "That's ridiculous. I could put a Dozen Jews into Australia, within three Generations they'll be running the financial and Culture-Industries". He thought, in a Way, that they're superior.[111]
  • I have read most of "Mein Kampf", I actually haven't sat down over the Weekend and read it Cover to Cover.[112]


  • I want Africa to really be african.[113]


  • Americanisation around the World doesn't work, it fails, it makes the Societies worse.[114]

Andrew Anglin and "Daily Stormer"

[On 30 December 2016, Richard said:]
  • I don't know Andrew Anglin terribly well ... I've spoken to him over the Phone once and we were on a Podcast together once ... I can't say that he's a Friend of mine, I've never met him ... and again he's wild -- I don't think he'd be offended by my saying that, we have different Styles -- but this is one Thing I will say and I will say this with confidence: Andrew Anglin is a rational Person.[115]
[On 27 September 2017, Richard tweeted the Tweet below, comparing Andrew with ramzpaul, who told stopped identifying as Alt Right after Hailgate.[116] Andrew did in Fact post the screenshotted Gab-Post shown in the Tweet.[117]]

Asian Women

  • There is something about the Asian girls. They are cute. They are smart. They have a kind of thing going on.[35]


  • Australians I've seen are generally a good-looking People as well.[118]


  • All Azov-Battalion has done is kill white People, from my Perspective. And they've done it in brutal Ways that i don't think any Person with serious moral Backbone could support.[119]

Baked Alaska

Ben Shapiro

Black People

[On 15 August 2017, talk show host Jesse Lee Peterson asked Richard if he loved black People. The Conversation went as follows:]
Jesse: Do you love black People?
Richard: You know, do I love black People? I'm not sure I would say I love black People.
Jesse: Do you hate black People?
Richard: No, I don't hate them.
Jesse: Do you love them?
Richard: I don't love them, no.[121]

[Here is a Comment Richard made during a Twitter-Conversation with a young African on 12 April 2018:]

[These are individual Tweets:]


Brittany Pettibone

Candace Owens


  • We're not, You know, dedicated to Capitalism as a first Principle.[123]

Catalan Independence



  • I would suggest that everyone go against this totally unnecessary Practice. It does not improve Hygiene and it...does not improve the Life of the young Men that are circumcised.[124]


  • So we basically need Elitism, where fewer and fewer People are going to College.[125]



  • We just need to get away from Conservatism. It's just a, it's just a tasteless, pathetic, alienating, gross Ideology ... Capitalism, You know. If you're not rich it's because You didn't want it hard enough.[126]


David Duke

  • I met David Duke at [Unite the Right in] Charlottesville ... I actually did a Podcast with him about a Year and a half ago, I had him on my Podcast for about an Hour or so. Yeah, I'm not really ... integrated that much with David Duke, I'm just kind of doing my own Thing.
    • Responding to Luke Ford asking him: "What's your Story with you and David Duke? I don't recall you Guys doing anything together."[127]

Donald Trump



  • Trump still has a 90 plus Approval-Rating within the republican Party. And again, he's lost me, he's now lost the general Alt Right, but he has won over CPAC.[128]


  • I am an elitist, in the sense that I believe that elites make history, that so much of cultural production is top-down and more, but in a way there's a dialectic between populism and elitism, I mean, populism is itself a crying-out for a new elite. We want different people to lead us and even to rule us, in the proper sense of the word.[129]

Evan McLaren

  • I've actually known Evan for a decade. And, um, we first met, actually, at the H.L. Mencken Club back in 2007 ... Or it wasn't the H.L. Mencken Club, I take that back, it was a predecessor to the H.L. Mencken Club ... it was an organisation run by Paul Gottfried.[130]


  • I would say it's [the Role of Religion in the Alt Right] not a primary Role, this is not a protestant Movement or a catholic Movement or even a christian Movement.[131]
  • I'm culturally Christian. I grew up in a christian Background, I resonate with Christianity and so on.[133]
  • I am, I would say, tragically, I am an Atheist.[134]
  • I ... would be lying if I told you I'm a true Christian.[135]
  • I don't believe there is one moral Standard for the Universe or anything like that, I think everything comes from a Perspective.[136]

Faith Goldy

  • I think Faith Goldy has personal Knowledge that most of the Alt-Right-Leaders aren't gay.[137]


[On 27 July 2017, Richard tweeted the Tweet below of him before the Mural at 2700 12th Ave. S. in Nashville, Tennessee.[138]]

Globalism versus national Self-Determination

  • I find Self-Determination, which is a 19th-Century-Liberal-Idea, that was ultimately promoted by Woodrow Wilson in the 19th Century, to be, again, a [sic] exceedingly naïve Notion. It's basically Liberalism for the World. So "every little Country will be able to self-determine" and Things like that. That is not how the World works.[139]

Global Warming

Gavin McInnes

  • I'm not a Fan of Gavin.[140]

Greg Conte

  • Greg Conte and I just had certain, you know, administrative and kind of personal Issues. I've reached out to Greg multiple Times. I really wish we could work together, but, I, you know, don't know what to say.[141]


  • Obviously, you know ... [Mike] Enoch was there getting People riled up, whatever. It was what it was.[142]


  • It would be a much more peaceful World, it would be a much more meaningful World for all human Beings, it would be a better, more beautiful World if People like me were in Power.[143]
  • I've actually experienced Loneliness in a Way that many People . . . have not, because I've experienced being a social Outcast, you could say, of having the Communities in which I live literally protest my Existence.[144]
  • I enjoy playing the Piano and I'm not, I'm a mediocre Piano-Player, but I do gain a Lot of Enjoyment from the Piano and I can also be creative on the Piano. I can improvise and I've kind of written my own Music and Things like that.[145]


  • What if 12 Million Jews died in the Holocaust? ... Let's say we do this: Let's say we engage in a true, historical, authentic Revision of Auschwitz and every other Camp and: "Uh-oh, Guys, it's gotten worse. 7 Million died. We've done the Data." What ... are we then going to stop being nationalist, are we going to stop ... caring about Identity? "Oh, well, I guess the Holocaust is real, it's even realer than real."[146]
  • I've never denied the Holocaust. Of all the, um, controversial Things that I have done, that is not one of them.[147]


[At the End of this Twitter-Thread, Richard Spencer made a Statement about Homosexuality:]

[During an Interview with James Allsup on 19 January 2017, Richard said he should have written "Anti-Homosexuality", rather than "Homosexuality", because that was what he really meant.[148]]

[This is a Reddit-Conversation that took Place in September 2016 between altrightgay and _RichardBSpencer in a thread titled "RICHARD SPENCER—ASK ME ANYTHING":]

altrightgay: Richard,
I am a Christian who has fought against homosexuality in my own life for years. Many in the alt right are opposed to homosexuality, even when not acted upon. Is there any room for "don't ask don't tell" homosexuals like myself who do not identify or act on the impulses, and who understand the rot to which homosexuality gives rise in society?
Thank you.
_RichardBSpencer: I think "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is a civilized perspective. The glorification of homosexuality is not healthy for society. But there are homosexuals who can be good, if flawed, people. A constant obsession with gays is not good for any movement.[149][150]
  • There's definitely a biological Component to homosexuality, whether it's genetic, whether it's Germ-Theory is very interesting ... Even if you take the Idea that this is the Product of Abuse, I do think that this is a pretty fixed Thing.[151]
  • If there were a gene, or constellation of genes, that led one to prefer his own gender as a sexual partner, then such people would, by definition, be a Darwinian dead-end: lacking reproductive parters, they would not pass on their gay DNA.[152]
  • There is another option all together—that homosexuality is physical but not genetic. Gays are “born that way” in the sense that homosexuality is a suboptimal deviation from the norm, much like a birth defect, caused by a random abnormality in the womb. As I discuss further below, this prospect won’t be relished by the gay movement, which wants gays to be “born that way”—but not that way.[152]


  • I took it to the next Level and I was kind of Napoleon-posting and saying that like: "Let's send the French back, we'll make Haiti great again ... We kind of can't cuck on this. I think if you cuck in any Level on the imperial Question you're already giving them everything."


  • It [Religion] might play a Role in the Sense that we recognise Islam, in a Way, as a Kind of Banner of a Threat to the West.[154]
  • We need to be as strong and as radical as the Muslims. I mean, I respect Islam to a very large Degree. I mean, it is a Fighting-Faith. It ennobles People, actually. It takes Populations that are second Rate -- third Rate at best -- and turns them into Warriors. It channels their Energies. And they'll never respect us, they'll never stop lashing out until we can stand against them strongly and say "No". I mean, a lot of the Situation ... you know, it's a culture War in islamic Imperialism, yes, but a Lot of it is kind of like a Child begging the Father to discipline them. And the West has to be that strong, we have to be as bold. We can't just be: "Oh, we believe in Democracy and liberal Rights", or whatever. We need to smash them and crush them and demonstrate that we're more powerful.[155]
  • It can't start with saying: "We don't like Islam". Islam is meaningless. We could defeat -- I mean, give me a Break -- Europeans could expel all Muslims, we could, Islam could be a little Mosquito that bit us occasionally if we had a Sense of ourselves and if we cared about the Future. We don't have to focus on Islam. I mean, they're S**theads, I mean, let's be honest. Their Religion makes them better than they are, actually, I would say.[156]
  • Would they [Muslims] really leave us alone if we weren't there [in the Middle-East]? Would they not be pouring into Europe, would they not raise the black Flag against the white Man? I don't think so. I just, I think Islam is always going to be there, they've done it before, before Zionism, before american Adventurism and so on. They'll do it again. We need to confront them ... I think I've said this before, it's like: I would accept someone in Identitarianism who's like a Buddhist or an Atheist or a Christian, certainly, or a Catholic or an Orthodox or a Protestant or whatever. I would never accept a Muslim in Identitarianism. That is just a No-Go-Zone, to use a useful Word here. That whole Sphere is just inimical, inimical to us. I mean, it just is what it is. They are never going to respect us. They're going to want to dominate us.[157]
  • So, the Way i see it, i have always been very critical of the Anti-Jihadi-Movement and i've never really been a Part of it, even if i might agree with them on some Things, 'cause it is a Kind of Rightwing-, quasi-traditionalist, christian Group, but i've always been very skeptical of them.[158]

Israel, the Jews and Zionism

[Richard Spencer has told "Haaretz" in an Interview that the Jews have "nothing to fear" from the Alt Right.[159] In August 2010, Richard suggested the possibility of an alliance with Israel in a piece he posted in titled "An Alliance with the Jews", where he praised the relationship between Israel and South Africa's Apartheid-Era Government, calling it a Model.[160] He does, however, want the US to stop giving financial Aid to Israel, which he describes as "a First World Country" that is "wealthy and successful". He wants the US to be neutral in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. Furthermore, he has said that Alt Rightists "are not neo-Nazis".[161] He does not consider Jews to be white.[162] Richard thinks "the United States should not be tied to Israel in some religious Way",[163] but he sees Israel as legitimate and sympathises with Israel because it is what he considers to be an Ethnostate for Jews.[164] Evidently he draws a distinction between seeing Israel as legitimate and Zionism, because he criticises the Alt Right light for being what he considers to be Zionist.[165] During an Interview with Dany Cushmaro on Israel’s Channel 2 News on 16 August 2017,[166][167] he called himself a "white Zionist", drawing an Analogy between Zionists and himself.[168][169] These are Quotes from Richard:]
  • With the prospect of American politics slipping out of control, and non-Whites commanding nuclear weapons and a massive military arsenal, Israeli hardliners might much prefer that the extreme Right were in charge of things.[160]
  • I think most in the Alt Right would recognise that Jews have their own Identity and that they're not european. And I think to tell a Jew that he is a Man of the West or a European is to really undermine him. Jews have a very different History than Europeans, the People who defined european Society and european Culture.[170]
  • I actually fundamentally understand the Impulse towards Zionism. The Impulse towards Zionism is fundamentally a nationalistic Impulse. It's a Concept of Usness ... Zionism was not created so that a Democracy -- whatever that means -- could be installed in the Middle-East. Zionism was created to protect the jewish People and fundamentally to protect jewish History and jewish Religion. So I understand that nationalist Impulse. I think saying that Jews are just white or european, I think that's to undermine Jews.[171]
  • Jews are a, so to speak, a Parasite. Like they exist within other Cultures quite well, but Jews as an independent national Order, that Idea has never really worked out for them.[172]
  • I would support a Two-State-Solution, i think that's the most sensible Thing.[173]

Israeli Settlements in the palestinian Territories

  • He [Donald Trump] will be perhaps the most pro-Zionist President ever put in Office, turning a blind Eye to continued jewish Settlements in the palestinian Territories.

Jack Dorsey

Jack Posobiec

  • The Problems I have with the New Right: I can't respect a Movement with Cernovich and Posobiec and these People who are just, they're just, they're Liars, they're nasty and so on.[175]

James Bond/Sean Connery

[Sean Connery, who played James Bond, is Richard's "favorite Misogynist". During a Podcast on 24 January 2018, he said:]

  • Connery is a very interesting Man. Um, he obviously is ... was a Representation of Masculinity for me when I was a Boy, watching James-Bond-Movies, uh, and he is ... to this Day. He's kind of a weird Guy off Camera. He weirdly doesn't have a Lot of Charisma off Camera, even though he has Hypercharisma -- at least in his Prime -- uh, he had Hypercharisma on Camera.[176]

James Fields

[The "deadly incident" Richard is referring to in the Tweet below is the Death of Heather Heyer at Unite the Right:]

Jared Taylor

  • I can say that Jared Taylor had red-pilled me, uh, he was the ... Person I looked to to talk about Race in a rational Manner, but also in an inspiring Manner.[177]

[This is Part of a Conversation Tree of Logic had with Richard during a YouTube-Interview published on the 28th of January 2018:]

Tree: Do you feel that you're waking up ... more Normies or he is? 'Cause I believe he is doing it.
Richard: That's fine, I mean, it's very difficult to measure that. Um, I would say this, though -- um, again, I don't ... want to criticise Jared too much, because Jared certainly, uh, woke up me, uh, in many Ways. I wasn't able to articulate Things until I started reading "American Renaissance" in, you know, 2003 or so -- uh, but the Way the Movement is headed, uh, is in, no ... Question, in an identitarian Direction, it is not, to be Honest, in the Direction of, say, Race-Realism and Libertarianism.[178]

Jason Kessler

John Allen Chau/North Sentinel Islanders

John Kerry

  • I didn't vote for Obama, I voted for John Kerry.
    • Responding to Mike Tokes saying: "I hate to say it to you, but, you make us, you make the Right look very bad. And you voted for Obama, so ... then you kind of masquerade as this big conservative Icon, this Mainstream-Icon ... "[179]

John McCain

Jordan B. Peterson

Joseph Alcoff

Judaeo-Christian values

Julia Ioffe

Kanye West


Lauren Rose

  • [S]he's easy on the Eyes.[180]

Linda Sarsour

Lindsey Graham

Martin Sellner

Megan Bobonick

  • My Girlfriend is irish.[181]

Milo Yiannopoulos

[This is an individual Tweet:]

[This is a Twitter-Thread:]

Nathan Damigo


  • Nietsche saw, I think, the Inadequecies of german Nationalism and Nationalism in general.[182]

Neil Gorsuch

Nick Fuentes

  • He's now going after my Girlfriend [Megan Bobonick], which does kind of trigger me.[183]


  • I do want to live in a Planet where there are Africans and I want to live in a Planet where there are American Indians.[184]
  • [T]he Alt Right ultimately is about us, but the Fact is, we're perfectly Willing to, you know, have Allies of Colour or talk with People who disagree with us.[185]


[Conversation with Alcove 3:]
Alcove 3: [What do you think of] The PEgIdA Movement ... Patriotic Europeans --
Richard: Destined ... to fail.
Alcove 3: Why?
Richard: Because ... it was anti-Islam. We've already, we've gone through this, like ... when you define yourself negatively and you define yourself as: "We don't like Islam because it's too, you know, I don't know, Rightwing" or something, you just end up in Liberalism, you end up in Zionism, you end up in Pro-Americanism.[186]

Patrick Casey, CEO of Identity Evropa

Paul Gottfried

  • I co-founded the H.L. Mencken Club with him in 2008. He was a Writer at "Taki's Magazine" for some Time. Um, I still greatly respect him ... He's kind of a transitional Figure.[187]

[Richard tweeted in a Conversation with Nathan Cofnas that Paul mentored him:]

Paul Joseph Watson

Patrick Little

[The Following is a Twitter-Thread:]


  • There's this very famous "National Geographic"-Cover and it's actually one of the most famous Photographs of the 20th Century. It's a Photograph of a striking afghani Woman [Sharbat Gula] with green Eyes and light brownish-blonde Hair staring out into the Camera and if I just say that, you know what I'm talking about. Again, one of he most famous Photographs in the last hundred Years. And that Woman is Aryan, at some Level. That Woman has probably pretty similar DNA to me ... Does she really have european Identity? I would say no. The Fact that she is a Muslim changes that fundamentally. The Fact that she's coming from this just radically different Environment changes that differently. Now ... can there be Connections between the, you know, Whites in the Middle-East, Whites in Europe, Whites in Northamerica? Of Course there can, um, but Identity, it's not just purely about Race.[188]

Sargon of Akkad

Serena Tarr

Stefan Molyneux


  • I think that, uh, humane sterilisation laws would be, obviously, a policy of the ethnostate.[189]

Steve Bannon

[On 3 January 2018, after Steve Bannon called Donald Trump jr's meeting with Natalia Veselnitskaya,[190] "a Kremlin-connected lawyer who claimed to have compromising information on Hillary Clinton", "treasonous", "unpatriotic" and "bad S**t" and Donald Trump said Steve had "lost his mind",[191] Richard tweeted:]

[This is a separate tweet:]

Steve King


  • The Stock-Market is going to lose 50 Percent of its Value by Christmas of 2019. Hold me to my Prediction.[192]


  • Twenty-something beta-males and Stuff-White-People-Like people will support socialized medicine of any kind if they know what’s cool for them.
    • 14th of January 2010[193]
  • I'm not a Nazbol ... I think it's kind of weird that I'm being accused of this. Uh, but, that being said, I'm not a Conservative in the american Sense of the Term, in the Sense that I'm obsessed with the free Markets and all that Kind of Stuff. Uh, I am perfectly willing to use Socialism when it benefits our People.
    • In Response to the Question: "Is Richard Nazbol?", during a YouTube-Livestream on the 18th of January 2018[195]

The Alt Right

  • If you were to sum it up in one Word, I would say it's "Identity" and that Identity is the Foundation of everything. And also, I've put forward this Mantra: "Race is real, Race matters and Race is the Foundation of Identity".
    • During an Interview with Kamau Bell during the National Policy Institute's Conference in November 2016, after Kamau asked him: "What does it mean to you to be Alt Right?"[196][197]
  • The Alt Right is an Identity-Movement for white People in the United States and around the World.[198]
  • The Alt Right is a ... revolutionary Movement in the best Sense of the Word.[199]
  • I don't think Trump would have been elected without the Alt Right.[200]

The Alt Lite

  • We could say that People like Gavin and Milo are kind of taking their Energy from the Alt Right. They're doing Alt-Right-light-Type-Stuff and whether you think that's bad because it's, you know, taking Energy and pushing it towards Mainstream-Places or whether you think that's great, because they are this Entry-Point, a Gateway-Drug, so to speak, pushing towards us, I don't know the Answer to that, but it is an interesting Phenomenon and it is a [sic] unexpected, ironical Phenomenon that there's been a kind of Alt-Rightification of the Mainstream.[201]
  • The Alt-Light has also hitched its wagon to "free speech". The catch is, there’s clearly some free speech they don’t like, particularly regarding race and Jewish activism and influence. In order for the Alt-Light to maintain its current position—playing footsie with the real Alt-Right and playing footsie with establishment conservatives—they are going to have to engage in thought-policing and disavows.[202][203]

The Chinese

  • The Chinese ... and I don't disrespect the Chinese at all, but they don't quite have this respect for Individuality or Life itself that we do and that can have Disadvantages, of Course it can also have Advantages.[204]

The Ethnostate

  • We do have to have a big Picture and that big Picture fundamentally is an Ethnostate ... Theodore Herzl was willing to dream the Dream and it became a Reality. Now, the Ethnostate is absolutely not going to emerge next Tuesday, but there has to be a Vision.[205]
  • Now, could we co-exist with Israel? No Question, of Course we could.[206]

The Rebel Media

  • [No] ... I don't want to become one of these, you know, Rebel-Media-Neoconservatives, where ... you know: "I oppose Islam because it's a Threat to Feminism" or something. I'm not going to take that Line of Thought.[207]

Tulsi Gabbard

  • Tulsi Gabbard is someone i think we should at least consider supporting. Just the Fact that the Establishment hates her, that says something about her, that says she's genuine.[208]

Tila Tequila

Speaking of the Fact that Tila Tequila attended the National Policy Institute's Conference in 2016, Richard has said: "I thought the most controversial Thing that I was going to have to answer to was the Fact that Tila Tequila attended. Like, Tila Tequila became, we kind of forget about this now, but in 2016 Tila Tequila supported Trump and she became this like Alt Right, you know, Vietnamese Alt Right-Godesse, you know, honorary Caucasian, something."[209]


  • [W]hen Turks took away one of the Jewels of european aryan Civilisation that is Constantinople, Byzantium, they fundamentally changed it ethnically. I mean, is Turkey a Place for Turks? I mean, you should ask Erdogan that Question. Do, you know, don't you, Erdoğan, have a fundamental Blood-and-Soil-Concept at the Heart of your State or is Turkey for everyone? And, I mean, the Fact is, it used to be a Place for us. And, again, I won't make no Bones about it, I truly despise the Turks. Um, you know, I don't think they offer anything to the World and ... that is our Land. I mean, I absolutely would support a unified european Effort to take back that near Asia entirely. And whataever happens to Turks, I don't give a S**t. I don't care about them. They are ugly and just appalling People with no Culture. I have visited Turkey. I have been there, and ... I began to just despise those People. Uh, we have this beautiful Hagia Sophia ... imprisoned with these disgusting Mosques ... this repulsive Religion of Islam.[210]

Universal Suffrage

When asked by Michael Edison Hayden about Women voting in Elections, Richard said: "I don’t necessarily think that that’s a great Thing".[211]

Unite the Right

Unite the Right 2

White Genocide

  • I've never found stressing white Genocide to be a great Idea. And they've had, uh, they've [people who talk about white Genocide] had some Success and Things like that, it's just, it's never made Sense to me, it, and I don't think it makes Sense to others. When you, (a) when you say "white Genocide", is that against white People or are Whites committing it? And when you say "Genocide" you have these Images of, you know, Extermination Camps or People with Machetes or, you know, Blood and Guts everywhere. It just doesn't, it seems like when you say: "We're suffering white Genocide", I think for a normal Person, they're like: "What are you talking about?".[212]

White Nationalism

White Supremacy

  • No, I'm not a white Supremacist, absolutely. White Supremacy means that a white Person would want to rule over other People.
    • Answering Question by Roland Martin: "So, are you a white Supremacist?".[213]
  • We don't exploit other Groups, we ... don't gain anything from their Presence. They need us and not the other Way around.[214]


  • They clearly have a fascination with being whipped and tied up and totally dominated.[215]
  • You win some, you lose some. Um, but I think as I got older and I got more confident -- and, granted, I have the advantage of being the good-looking guy, I mean, I'm over six feet tall, I'm, you know, handsome etc., but, I would just say you just go for it ... No one's ever complained, no woman's ever complained because I've tried to kiss her. And they might, you know, rebuff me or whatever, but just go for it. They really want you to show some form of forwardness and aggression. Just be, there has to be a little bit of boldness.[216]

Yair Netanyahu

Quotes about him

Colin Liddell

Faith Goldy

  • Richard Spencer is a satanic racial imperialist, not a nationalist.[217]

Greg Johnson

  • After the ukrainian Revolution suddenly he was basically turning "Radix" into an Outlet for Russia-Today-Propaganda and, you know, was extolling Empire. And basically, you know, I think a Lot of this has to do with the Influence of his Wife, who is a very, very strident russian Nationalist and basically spends a Lot of her Time pushing, you know, Kremlin-Propaganda about Ukraine. Suddenly Ethnonationalism became a bad Thing when Ethnonationalism meant Ukraine demanding that it chart its own Course rather than let Russia ... do it.[218]

Joachim Hoch

Luke Ford

  • Yeah, Richard Spencer and Julia Ioffe, they were a serious Thing. They might, uh ... Maybe they're meant for each other. And the Heart has Reasons of its own that the Mind will never understand.[219]
  • And what's interesting is he's had a long-running, fairly serious Relationship with Julia Ioffe of "The Atlantic". So she's this Ashkenazi-Jew from Russia, Leftwing-Journalist who gets a Lot of TV-Airtime and yet she's just had this long-running Affair wih Richard Spencer, who's also had Affairs with other female Journalists who've covered him.[220]

Matt Forney

  • Richard Spencer ... back at Unite the Right last Year at Charlottesville, when he fled the City, he went and ... slept with a certain trad Thot. He did, yes. This ... trad Thot was in Attendance at Unite the Right as a Journalist. And ... they had Sex in a Hotel-Room.[221]

Megan Bobonick

Nick Griffin

Ronny Cameron


Steven Franssen

  • Richard Spencer doesn’t give a FLYING F**K [Asterisks added] if you become unemployable.[222]

Stephen Molyneux

Tiana Lowe

Vox Day

  • A satanic racial imperialist.[223]

2013 to 2015 inclusive

Arguments with Randy Scheunemann

In January[224] 2013, Richard had an Argument with Randy Scheunemann, who is, according to "The Daily Beast", a "longtime GOP foreign policy hand, one-time lobbyist for the Georgian government, and former John McCain advisor".[225] "The Daily Beast" characterised it as an Argument between a paleoconservative Noninterventionist, Richard, and a neoconservative Interventionist, Randy, who happened to be on the same Chairlift at Whitefish Mountain Resort, a Ski Resort.[225] Both[225] of them were Members of Big Mountain Ski Club, which conducts its School at Whitefish Mountain Resort.[226] Richard asked him where Randy worked. When Randy told him "Washington" and gave him his full Name, Richard said he knew who he was and, according to "The Daily Beast", started "berating" him "for being a neocon and for believing in this whole democracy BS". Randy, who was "Too flabergasted to react", then waited for his son, who was on the next Chairlift. Ninety[225] Minutes later, Randy told the Manager of the Club about the Incident, adding: "I’m not telling you so you can do something about it, I’m telling you because if I pop him in the Nose you’ll know why."[224] Because he said this and because there were no witnesses, the manager didn't take any action.[224]

There was then a second Incident on 31 December 2013, after which they both resigned from the Club. "The Western News" describes it this Way:

"A second incident took place on Dec. 31, 2013 at the club room at the resort where Randy Scheunemann and Richard Spencer got into an argument and had to be separated by staff and other members.

"On Jan. 1, 2014 the club manager sent both men an email explaining their behavior and language were inappropriate and the personal issues between them will not be tolerated within the Club or any of its facilities."[224]

Deportation from Hungary and first Schengen-Ban

In October 2014, Richard was arrested and gaoled in Hungary. He had tried to organise a National Policy Institute Conference in Budapest. The Keynote Speaker[35] was going to be Russian Nationalist Alexander Dugin, but Hungary denied him a Visa.[202] Prime Minister Viktor Orban personally "ordered that all legal means be used to prevent the gathering from occurring"[202] and declared Richard a "national security threat".[227] James Kirchick of "The Daily Beast" condemned Richard's Arrest, saying: "I may loathe what Richard Spencer has to say, but I will defend, unequivocally, his right to say it." He was let go after 72 Hours and banned for three Years from the Schengen Area.[202][227]


Does roman Salute while Milo Yiannopoulos sings

In the early Hours of 3 April 2016, Richard was at the One Nostalgia Bar[228] on Abrams Road in Dallas, Texas and did a roman Salute while Milo Yiannopoulos sang "America the Beautiful".[229]

Banned from entering UK

In June 2016, Richard received an Envelope marked "On Her Britannic Majesty's Service". It turned out the UK's Home Office had reviewed Things he had said and Theresa May, who at that Time was Home-Secretary and therefore Head of the Home Office, decided that he needed to be barred from being able to enter the UK.[230][231] The Letter asserted that he had brought himself within the Scope of the following Behaviour:

"• writing, producing, publishing or distributing material,

"• public speaking including preaching,

"• running a website,

"• using a position of responsibility such as a teacher, community or youth leader

"to express views that:

"• foment or justify terrorist violence in furtherance of particular beliefs,

"• seek to provoke others to terrorist acts,

"• foment other serious criminal activity or seek to provoke others to serious criminal acts,

"• foster hatred which might lead to inter-community violence in the UK."

The letter then went on to quote Things he had said, among them Part of a Speech he made in 2013 about the Ethnostate he envisions where "Whites can again reach the stars", and stated:

"The Home Secretary considers that should you be allowed to enter the UK you would continue to espouse such views. In doing so, you would be committing listed behaviours and would therefore be behaving in a way that is not conducive to the public good.

"You are therefore instructed not to travel to the UK as you will be refused admission on arrival. Although there is no statutory right of appeal against the Home Secretary's decision, this decision is reviewed every 3 to 5 years."[232][233]


See the Hailgate-Section of the Article on the Alt Right.

Twitter-Suspension and Reinstatement

Richard's Twitter Account was suspended on 15 November 2016 amid a Twitter Crackdown. On 10 December 2016, his Account was reinstated, something he celebrated with the Tweet "I'm back!" featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger.[13] "The Wall Street Journal" says that Twitter-CEO Jack Dorsey personally weighed in and told Twitter's Trust- and Safety-Team that Richard, who had been been kicked off the Platform for allegedly operating too many Accounts, that he should be allowed to keep one.[234]



On 14 January 2017, Richard posted a Tweet that said "" and "Get ready" above.[235] On 16 January 2017 was launched.[236]

Decided against congressional Run in Montana

Richard had told "The Huffington Post" in late 2016 that he was considering running for Montana's congressional Seat if Rep. Ryan Zinke (R) became US Secretary of the Interior. If Ryan was confirmed, it would likely trigger a special Election, Richard had said. A lot of People had been calling him and telling him: "Oh, you should do it, just do it, this is the Moment." Richard was taking it "very seriously" and said he "would only do it to win it".[237] On 19 January 2017, he said in an Interview that he decided against it because of the Difficulties involved in running as an Independent.[238]

Punched twice in DC

On 20 January 2017, Richard was punched twice in Washington DC. One of the Punches was caught on Camera as he was answering impromptu Questions near the Corner of 14th and K Street around 2:30 p.m. He looked down at a Pepe the Frog-Pin that he was was wearing and was discussing what it meant, when suddenly he got punched on the Side of the Head by a Man who then fled the Scene.[239]

CPAC, Talk about Depeche Mode and Response

According to the Magazine "New York", on 23 February 2017, while Richard was outside the main Ballroom of the Gaylord International Hotel, where the Conservative Political Action Conference was taking Place, "A handful of young men in blue T-shirts pushed their way to the front of the crowd to ask Spencer if he was a fan of rock music, by way of explaining that without black people, our culture would lack such fundamental joys as the Rolling Stones." He responded that "Depeche Mode is the official Band of the alt Right." Soon after, a Security Guard interrupted the Conversation, saying to Richard: "You’re not welcome on the Property." Richard, who had bought a $150 ticket to attend the conferece, was shocked. He was very cooperative and said: "If they want to throw me out they can … It’s kind of pathetic."[240] Ben Jacobs of "The Guardian" claimed that "multiple sources" had said that Raheem Kassam of "Breitbart News" "was instrumental in getting Richard Spencer kicked out of CPAC".[241] In a Conversation with someone on Twitter, Raheem said that he had "just expressed a concern" and that it was fake News that he had had him removed.[242]

When Depeche Mode Frontman Dave Gahan heard what Richard said about the Band, he said:

"I mean, this Guy gets way too much Publicity already. What’s dangerous about someone like Richard Spencer is, first of all, he’s a C--t -- and he’s a very educated C--t, and that’s the scariest Kind of all. I think over the Years there’s been a Number of Times when Things of ours have been misinterpreted -- either our Imagery, or something where People are not quite reading between the Lines.

"If anything, there’s a way more Sort of Socialist -- working Class, if you like -- industrial-sounding Aesthetic to what we do. That’s where we come from. We come from the Council Estates of Essex, which is a really s---ty Place, just 30 Minutes East of London, where they stuck everybody when London was getting too overpopulated in the late '60s. So I don’t quite get what he was [saying].

"I think it was one of those Things he threw out there for whatever. But he’s not that Type of Guy -- not like the other Guy, the Milo [Yiannopoulos], an Attention Seeker, a bit crazy obviously. I saw [Milo] on Bill Maher and I was just like: 'Wow, he really is a Nut Job'. Those People to me aren’t so dangerous, but this Guy's [Spencer] got some Weight behind him. I don’t like that, and certainly he had absolutely no Right to... [Pauses.] well, he has every Right. He lives in a free Country, and he can say what he likes. But at the same Time, it was a Bit disturbing. I haven’t had as many Phone Calls or Texts from People over something like that -- friends here and in the City, and other Artists who were Kind of shocked and like, 'What’s this?'"[243]

At some Point, Dave also said: "I saw the Video of him getting punched [during Protests at the Inauguration of President Donald Trump]; he deserved it."[244]

Kurt Eichenwald asks if Richard is gay, Richard makes Fun of him

On 18 March 2017, there was a Twitter-Row between Kurt Eichanwald and Richard. Kurt tweeted: ".@RichardBSpencer so yah, don't remind me or any other st marks graduate u oozed through our school. Because it makes us all want to vomit." Richard responded: "You're the man who was literally killed (almost) by a meme. We're going to write songs about you after the Revolution."[245] Richard was making Fun of Kurt's Claim that he got sent into a Seizure by a Meme in December 2016. According to "The Washington Post", Kurt, who suffers from Epilepsy, "received a tweet in Dallas of a flashing animated image known as a GIF. It included the message, 'YOU DESERVE A SEIZURE FOR YOUR POSTS.'" The Person accused of sending the Tweet is John Rayne Rivello, a Marine Veteran who spent Time in Iraq and Afghanistan. John was charged with aggravated Assault with a deadly Weapon because of this.[246] In November 2017, the Charge against John was dropped.[247]

Kurt then went on to ask Richard if he was gay: "you couldn't write your own name. By the way, one of ur classmates said the rumor in class about u is ur gay. That true?" Richard responded: "Not that I care but how can we trust your memory of conversations?"[245]

First Interview with Tara McCarthy

During an Interview with Tara McCarthy on 28 March 2017, Richard said: "I do have faith that there will be a new kind of very energetic, very, very radical and powerful new Right that is going to arise in these western Countries and I don't think we've really seen it yet."[248] He then went on to suggest that Geert Wilders and Marine Le Pen are part of that new Right and that he would vote for Marine if he were French and he would have voted for Geert, "but he [Geert] is a Kind of Neocon", he said.[249]

Reaction to Donald Trump's Shayrat-Missile-Strike

Following Donald Trump's 59-strong Tomahawk-Cruise-Missile-Strike on Shayrat Airfield in Syria on 6 April 2017, which left 6 Troops and 9 Civilians dead, four of whom were Children, according to the Syrian State-News-Agency SANA,[250][251][252] Richard started using a Syrian Flag-Emoji on Twitter and tweeted: "The #AltRight is against a war in Syria. Period."[253]

Speaks at Auburn University

On 18 April 2017, Richard spoke at Auburn University — against its Wishes. The Event "almost did not happen", says CNN. The University had canceled the Event on the 14th because of what it called "safety concerns", but US District Court Judge W. Keith Watkins granted Richard's Request for an Injunction, requiring the University to allow him to speak on the 18th as planned.[254][255]

Reaction to Southern Baptist Convention's Resolution against the Alt Right

On 14 June 2017, the Southern Baptist Convention passed a Resolution against the Alt Right that was put forward by Pastor Dwight McKissic. The final Version decried "every form of racism, including alt-right white supremacy, as antithetical to the Gospel of Jesus Christ" and denounced and repudiated "white supremacy and every form of racial and ethnic hatred as of the devil".[256] When Richard got Word that it was passed, he posted this Tweet:

Lucian B. Wintrich's "I'm v curious"-Tweet

On 17 June 2017, Lucian B. Wintrich, White-House-Correspondent with "The Gateway Pundit", tweeted this:

Richard tweeted:

Richard's Wife, Nina Spencer, tweeted: "Lucian, this degeneracy you've posted is a classic case of psychological projection by you and the Milo crowd. I say this as Richard's wife."[257] Lucian replied with this Tweet:

Freedom-of-Speech-Rally at Lincoln-Memorial in DC

Richard was present at the Alt Right's Freedom-of-Speech-Rally at the Lincoln-Memorial in Washington DC on 25 June 2017 at Noon.[258][259] He was the last to speak, stating, among other Things: "The most radical Thing you can say is: 'I am white, my Life has meaning.'"[259]

Visits University of Florida

On 19 October 2017, Richard spoke at the University of Florida.[260] On the 16th of October, he tweeted: "BREAKING: Hurricane Ricardo expected to hit Gainsville this Thursday."[261]

During his Speech at the University, the Boos and Noise from the Crowd were such that at Times he was drowned out. He was, however, able to do a Question-and-Answer-Session.[262][260]

According to the YouTube-Channel ABC Action News, a Woman, who identified herself only as Simran, was denied entry to the Event because she had a Hindi Tattoo. She claimed they did not let her in because they did not know what her Tattoo said.[263] In a Conversation with Jesse Lee Peterson on 2 November 2017, Richard Spencer said that Tickets were handed out to People who "were making a Good-Faith-Effort to go listen to" him.[264] Reporter Christopher Mathias tweeted that most People were let in:

About 90 Minutes after Richard's Speech, Tyler Eugene Tenbrink (ca. 1989), of Richmond, Texas, and Colton Fears (ca. 1989) and William Fears (ca. 1987), of Pasadena, California, who are white Nationalists and were travelling together in a silver Jeep, allegedly "pulled up to six to eight protesters [in their 20s] near a bus stop and confronted them", according the "The Washington Post". Police alleged that the three white Nationalists "threatened the group, making Nazi salutes and shouting chants about Hitler", after which one of the Protesters "hit the Jeep with a baton". Authorities say that at this Point Tyler "jumped out with a gun" and the other two white Nationalists, Alachua-County-Sheriff's Arrest-Report alleges, encouraged him to shoot. Tyler fired a Shot that "hit a nearby building", after which the white Nationalists "fled in the Jeep, but one of the people who had been targeted got the license plate number and reported it to police". The three Men had also attended Unite the Right.[265]

Unverified on Twitter

On 13 November 2017, Twitter unverified Richard's Twitter-Account, causing him to lose his blue Checkmark. Twitter explained that "Verification was meant to authenticate identity & voice but it is interpreted as an endorsement or an indicator of importance".[266]

Banned again from Schengen-Countries -- this Time for five Years

On 20 November 2017, the Polish Site reported that Richard had just been banned from the Schengen-Countries for five Years. This came on the Heels of the Expiry of a 3-Year-Ban from the Schengen-Countries that was issued in 2014, after he attempted to organise a Conference in Hungary.[267]


Responds to Allegation that President Trump called Haiti, El Salvador and african Countries "Sh*thole-Countries"

Responding to the Allegation that, while discussing Immigration with Lawmakers on 11 January 2018 in the Oval Office, President Donald Trump had called Haiti, El Salvador and african Countries "Sh*thole-Countries" and that he had said: "Why are we having all these People from Sh*thole-Countries come here?" and "then suggested that the United States should instead bring more people from countries such as Norway",[268] Richard Spencer changed his Emoji on Twitter from a Skier[269] to a norwegian Flag[270] and tweeted the following:

Spencer also had a Twitter-Conversation with Marion Godager Tveter,[271] a norwegian Politician with Miljøpartiet De Grønne or the Green Party in Oslo (Oslo MDG):

Represents himself in a Lawsuit stemming from Unite the Right

According to Journalist Graeme Wood's Tweets, one of which was retweeted by Richard,[272] Richard is representing himself in a Virginia-Civil-Lawsuit. The Lawsuit stems from the Unite-the-Right-Rally.

This is the Tweet Richard retweeted:[272]

Reacts to Gary Younge's Cheddarman-Tweet

On 7 February 2018, "Guardian"-Journalist Gary Younge tweeted this Tweet, featuring a "Guardian"-Article about Cheddarman, a Briton believed to have lived 10,000 Years ago and to have had blue Eyes and dark Skin:

Richard tweeted back:

And then:

There's a Bit of a Backstory to this. At the fifteenth American-Renaissance-Conference at Montgomery Bell State Park in Burns, Tennessee in July 2017,[273][274][275] Gary had interviewed Richard. In the Interview, Richard had said to Gary, who was born in Britain: "You know that that's [Britain's] not your real Home".[276]

Speaks at Michigan-State-University

On 5 March 2018, Richard visited Michigan-State-University to speak. There were clashes outside.[277] Greg Conte was among the 25 arrested, 13 of which were to face potential Felony-Charges, and 4 Officers were injured.[278] Matthew Heimbach of the Traditionalist Worker-Party was there (bearded Man wearing Glasses at the Front):

Here's a Video of Anti-Richard-Spencer-People working themselves up:

The Speech took Place around 5:00 p.m.[279] at the School's Pavilion for Agriculture and Livestock Education.[280] These are Excerpts from the Speech:

  • "We [the Alt Right, Identitarians] entered the real World in 2017, we entered it in a big Way. Many of us went to Berkeley. We went to Charlottesville 1. We shocked the World with a Surprise-Tiki-Torch-Rally that no one saw coming. That inspired Charlottesville 2 and a massive display of Energy, Defiance. Charlottesville 2 was a Bit of a Disaster, I ... could go into it, I'll probably go into it in Q and A."[281]
  • "I have never gained anything in my Life or my Career by watering it down. 'Just be a little more palatable'. The Meek shall never inherit the Earth. The strong and the bold always rule".[282]

After his Speech, he held his usual Ask-me-anything-Session, which he prefaced by saying: "There's actually a great Advantage to the Fact that it's a small Crowd, so you can raise your Hand".[283]

Twitter-Conversation with Dwight McKissic

Twitter-Conversation with Nathan Cofnas

Jordan Peterson tweeted this on 23 March 2018:

Richard responded with this:

Nathan Cofnas responded with this Tweet, after which a Conversation between Nathan and Richard ensued:

Subthread 1

Subthread 2

Denounces Paul Nehlen after Paul doxes Ricky Vaughn

2-3 April 2018

On 2 April 2018, the Day Paul Nehlen doxed Ricky Vaughn, an influential Donald-Trump-Supporter who was banned from Twitter in October 2016, as Douglass Mackey,[284] Richard tweeted this:

Subthread 1

Subthread 2

5 April 2018

On 5 April 2018, Richard continued denouncing Paul over the Ricky-Vaughn-Dox:

Tweets critically of Donald Trump over Syria

"Wiped from Facebook"

On 13 April 2018, Richard's Facebook-Page as well as the Facebook-Pages of and the National Policy Institute were permanently removed.[285]

Agrees to talk with Bryan Sharpe

  • On the 19th of April 2018, Richard Spencer agreed to have a Conversation with Bryan Sharpe (pictured Right), a.k.a. "Hotep Jesus", on the YouTube-Channel Dark Triad Man[286] after tweeting this Tweet, which he later deleted:
After deleting the Tweet, Richard was invited by @DarkTriadMan, a.k.a. Ivan Throne, to be on a Livestream with Bryan, an Invitation he accepted:

Bryan had accepted the Invitation previously:

Richard's deleted Tweet had come after Bryan was interviewed by Laura Ingraham of Fox News:
The Interview with Laura came after Bryan walked into a Starbucks to check and see what would happen if he asked for a free Cup of Coffee as "Reparations", which he was promptly given by the young Lady behind the Counter, a Student named Amanda, who made clear they weren't like the Starbucks-Employee in Philadelphia that called 911[287] on two black Men for sitting in a Starbucks without buying anything as they were waiting for a Business-Meeting on 12 April:

The Talk, however, never took Place. Ivan tweeted that he "punked out":

Randa Jarrar asks: "Like, why is Spencer's House still standing?"

On the 22nd of April 2018, Ryan Saavedra tweeted Footage of Randa Jarrar, Professor at CSU Fresno, asking: "Like, why is Spencer's House still standing?". It is unknown whether or not she was talking about Richard Spencer,[288] who is now aware of what she said, judging by his Retweets.[289]

Asks for Help with civil Lawsuit stemming from Unite the Right

Gives Kudos to Donald Trump for the Events in the Koreas

Deplatformed from WePay

Denies abandoning the Alt Right

Reacts to Justice John Roberts's Statement following the Supreme Court's Upholding of Donald Trump's Travel-Ban 3.0

The Following is a Twitter-Thread Richard tweeted following the Supreme Court's Upholding of Proclamation 9645:

Considers, but declines Offer to participate in Unite the Right 2

"The Daily Beast" reported on the 31st of July 2018, that Jason Kessler, the Man who planned Unite the Right 1, and Richard had the following Conversation by Text-Message on the 27th of May 2018:

Richard: "So what's up"

Jason: "We’re planning a rally in both Charlottesville and Washington DC for August 12"

Richard: "Let me seriously consider this"[290]

In August 2018, Richard tweeted:

Ryan Faulk decides not to debate Richard on one of JF Gariépy's YouTube-Channels

YouTube Ryan Faulk, a.k.a. The Alternative Hypothesis, decided not to debate Richard on the 29th of August 2018 moderated by JF Gariépy. Ryan said he had never agreed to do the Debate on JF's Channel and that he heard and saw Statements by JF that led him to believe he wouldn't be a nuetral Moderator.[291] Richard went on JF's Channel anyway that Day.[292] Richard tweeted:


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