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Richard Wilson Preston Jr (19 March 1965)[1] is the Imperial Wizard of the Confederate White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan of Rosedale (Baltimore County), Maryland,[2] which he founded in 2013 and now has Chapters in 11 States.[3] In an Interview with Thom Hartmann in December 2013, Richard said he is not a white Supremacist, rather a white Separatist.[4] Richard lives in Baltimore, Maryland, in the same House as his Mother, Ellen Drisgill.[1][3][5] He is friendly to his black Neighbors.[5]

Early Life and Education

Richard attended Hazelwood Elementary School and Hamilton Middle School. He was expelled from School at the Age of 16 after a Fight with a black Student, who he says "smashed a piece he was making in woodworking class". At 40, he got his GED.[3]

Work at Bryn Mawr School

Richard worked at Bryn Mawr School, an All-Girls-School, as a Maintenance-Worker from 1996-2001.[3] [6]

2013 Meeting and Campaign against Barack Obama

In a Meeting in December 2013, Richard told People that the Klan "doesn't have a problem with people of other colors". He said:

If we don't stop Barack Obama, if we don't stop this Government all together that is running us into the Ground, working us like Dogs, so that they can keep taking it and giving it to somebody else, we're not going to have a Country.[2]

Attends Unite-the-Right-Rally, fires Shot at Torch-wielding Counterprotester

Richard attended the Unite-the-Right-Rally on 12 August 2017. He says: "We didn’t go as the Klan. We didn’t go there to create Havoc and Fight. We went there to protect a Monument."[7] He fired his Pistol within 1,000 feet of a School after telling a Counterprotester, who was wielding an improvised Torch, which was spewing Flames towards Rally-Attendees, to desist.[2][8][6] Richard yelled something to the Effect of: "Hey N****r, want to get that out of the Way?", then fired a Shot at the Ground near the Feet of the Counterprotester, Corey Long.[8][9] The Incident happened in the 100 Block of West Market Street, Charlottesville, Virginia:[6]

There was a separate Incident that Day in which he drew his Pistol:


Richard was arrested on 26 August for discharging his Pistol at the Unite-the-Right-Rally and could be facing ten Years behind Bars if convicted.[2] Since his Arrest, he was extradited to the Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail. On 31 August, he had his first Court Appearance, during which he "told a judge that his family plans to hire an attorney for him". His next Court-Appearance was scheduled for 12 October.[10] Arrest-Documents show he was charged with a Class 4 Felony.[1]


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