Twitter is a Social-Media-Site on which People "tweet" each other Messages to stay in Touch.[1][2]

Double Standard?

Twitter has been accused by, for Example, "Breitbart News" and of having a double Standard.[3][4] It has banned the Accounts of High-Profile-Donald Trump-Supporters like Richard Spencer and Milo Yiannopoulos.[5][6] The Twitter-Ban on Richard resulted in his getting Interviews with CBS News and NPR.[5] Richard's Account was suspended on 15 November 2016 and reinstated on 10 December 2016.[7] "Salon" says that Richard "had too many overlapping accounts".[8]


According to, a Twitter-User did a Hate-Speech-Experiment. On one Account the User wrote: "I f***ing hate white people and their inconsiderate a***s for voting for Trump. F*** you." On another Account the same Message was posted with the Word "black" substituted for the Word "white" and the word "Clinton" substituted for the word "Trump": "I f***ing hate black people and their inconsiderate a***s for voting for Clinton. F*** you." Both Accounts were reported, both Messages were reviewed by Twitter-Personnel, and the only Account that was suspended was the one with the Message that was hateful toward black People.[9]


Antonio-Padula-Case in Canada

On 31 January 2017, a Twitter-User named Antonio Padula made the following Comment under his Twitter-Handle @Hermit_Spirit from his Home in Kirkland, in Montreal, Canada's West Island area: "I am against all those things and I need you to prove you are also, by killing all refugees at the airport before they come rape your family". Another tweet of his said: "I need u to tell me how do we stop sharia law, before it hits US shores? I can only think of killing innocent muslims while praying, you?" Antonio was arrested on 1 February and Charges were laid on that very Day.[10]

According to "Vice", Antonio was apparently being sarcastic and trying to get People to embrace Muslim Immigration. One of his Tweets, however, was apparently not sarcastic and was directed at Police-Officer Marie-Élaine Gagnon, who was using the Handle @GSloanMDK. The Tweet said: "If I ever find you... I will be honored to kill you!" One of Marie-Élaine's tweets said: "Protect us Christians from the Muslims and protect us Conservatives from the Liberals."[11]

Donald Trump's Twitter-Account shut down for 11 Minutes

On 2nd of November 2017, a rogue Twitter-Customer-Support-Employee shut down Donald Trump's Twitter-Account for 11 Minutes. Later that Day, Twitter tweeted: "Through our investigation we have learned that this was done by a Twitter customer support employee who did this on the employee’s last day. We are conducting a full internal review."[12][13][14] The following Day, the 3rd, Twitter tweeted: "Update: We have implemented safeguards to prevent this from happening again. We won’t be able to share all details about our internal investigation or updates to our security measures, but we take this seriously and our teams are on it."[15]

Pauses Verification of new blue Checkmarks

On 9 November 2017, Twitter temporarily halted Verification of new blue Checkmarks for Accounts after approving one for Unite-the-Right-Rally-Organiser Jason Kessler, something that caused Protests by some in the Twittersphere, including Comedian Michael Ian Black,[16] who feels the coveted Checkmark "confers authority and legitimacy".[17]

Reacting to News that Jason Kessler was verified by Twitter, Michael tweeted: Jason was unverified on 15 November:


Makes first quarterly Profit

Twitter made its first quarterly Profit in its 12-Year-History, 91.1 Million Dollars, in the last Quarter of 2017 and expected "to make its first annual profit" in 2018.[18][19]

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