Wikipedia or is a website that presents itself as "the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit",[3] whose goal is to "compile the sum of all human knowledge", an obvious impossibility.[4] In reality, not anyone can edit any article; some articles, like the one on Adolf Hitler, can only be edited by registered users "after 4 days and 10 edits".[5][6] Neither RationalWiki nor Conservapedia announce that they are "free encyclopedias" on their main pages, yet Wikipedia chooses to state the obvious and tell people its service is free.[7][8] There is a link on Wikipedia's sidebar that says "Donate to Wikipedia" that one can click on if one wants to donate.[9] Wikipedia has also been known to display a black-and-yellow banner saying that if everyone were to donate a certain amount, its "fundraiser would be done within an hour".[10] Both the administrators and the people who write the articles are volunteers.[5] "Breitbart News" has asserted that the administrators have Leftist bias in an article in which it presents Infogalactic as an alternative.[11]

Milo Yiannopoulos's article

On 5 February 2017 at 23:10, an editor named MrX undid an edit in Milo Yiannopoulos's Wikipedia article that talked about him having "lost his virginity at age 13 'in an interracial fivesome with a drag queen'"[12] and having an open mind to "therapies" to get "cured" of homosexuality.[13][14] A user named Emir of Wikipedia had said at 22:36: "Just because the content is sexually contreversial it does not mean we should remove it."[15] MrX claimed that the material was "trivial" and "poorly sourced",[15] even though the sources, two YouTube videos, clearly show it's Milo talking.[13][16][14] An editor named FreeKnowledgeCreator was also involved, telling Emir of Wikipedia at 22:28 that there was "no need to repeat every claim Yiannopoulos makes, and no apparent reason why this is necessary information".[15] MrX's edit prevailed and Emir of Wikipedia's edit was left out of the article.[15] Milo resigned from "Breitbart News" on 21 February 2017 after Footage from that Video came to the Knowledge of the Mainstream-Media.[17]

Editing by paid Editors

According to an 2015-Article on "The Independent", Businesses and Celebrities were asked for Money by a "coordinated Group" of Editors, who promised to create Articles for them on Wikipedia and sometimes posed as Wikipedia-Administrators. The Practice of paying someone to edit for you on Wikipedia is not "expressly forbidden", says "The Independent", but in this Case it was considered a Blackmail-Scam and 381 Accounts were blocked.[18]

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